Professional Lawn Fungicide Treatment for Lawns

Even the healthiest lawns can be affected by fungal infections, quickly turning your vibrant grass into a patchy, brown eyesore. The Lawn Pride® team understands the intricate balance required to maintain a healthy lawn free from fungal diseases.

With our tailored approach, we not only eradicate existing fungal infections but also implement preventative measures to shield your lawn from future outbreaks, including dollar spots, brown patches, and powdery mildew. At Lawn Pride, our services are safe for your family, pets, and the environment, ensuring peace of mind alongside a beautiful lawn.

Lawn Disease Control Before It Starts

At Lawn Pride, we believe in proactive lawn care. Our comprehensive fungus treatment for lawns can prevent infections from taking hold in the first place.

Our range of preventative treatments create a protective barrier against common lawn fungi. By addressing potential issues before they arise, we can make sure your lawn stays healthy and disease-free all season long.

Of course,you can do your part to set your lawn up for success:

  • Plant a disease-resistant type of grass, such as tall fescue
  • When mowing, do not remove more than a third of the grass length at a time
  • Mow frequently to the recommended height for your grass
  • Water your lawn early in the morning to allow time for it to dry during the day
  • Monitor your lawn to ensure it gets 1 to 1.5 inches of water per week
  • Aerate your lawn regularly to break up the thatch and allow for proper air circulation

If these tips fail to protect your lawn from fungus, call on Lawn Pride for lawn disease control. 

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Treatments for Every Type of Lawn Fungus

When a fungal disease takes over your lawn, it is important to move quickly. Our team of local lawn care specialists will diagnose the type of fungus and use the most effective fungicide.

At Lawn Pride, we know that grass fungal infections can vary by location due to differences in climate, soil conditions, and local environmental factors. Certain fungal pathogens thrive in specific climates or regions where the conditions are favorable for their growth. Regions with high humidity levels or frequent rainfall may be more prone to fungal infections. Your Lawn Pride professionals can help you tell the difference between dollar spot lawn disease and red thread  — just tell us a bit about what you’re seeing, and we’ll diagnose the issue and come up with a plan of action.

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How Fungal Diseases Develop on Your Lawn

As the saying goes, understanding is half of the battle. If you are battling a fungal disease spreading across your lawn, it is helpful to understand how fungus develops. Fungus on grass needs three main conditions to take hold. Fungal spores exist in every lawn but only become a problem when these three circumstances align. It is often called the disease triangle. The three elements of the disease triangle include the following:

  • Presence of Pathogens – With any fungal disease, the spores of that particular fungi must be present for an infection to start.
  • Susceptible Host – Even if a fungus is present, it will not take root in your grass unless your type of grass is susceptible to that type of fungus.
  • Environmental Conditions – Each fungus requires specific conditions favorable to its growth. If the conditions are not right, a present pathogen will not affect a susceptible host.

Benefits of Professional Fungicide Treatment

Our professional fungicide treatments are specifically formulated to target and eliminate a wide range of lawn fungi. Unlike over-the-counter solutions, our grass fungicide products are potent and tailored to eradicate existing infections swiftly and effectively. Beyond just addressing current fungal issues, our treatments also include preventative measures to shield your lawn from future outbreaks. By implementing proactive strategies, we help ensure your lawn remains vibrant year-round.

With Lawn Pride, you benefit from the experience of our dedicated team. Our professionals understand the complexities of lawn care and employ industry best practices to deliver optimal results. You can trust us to handle your lawn with care and precision.

Our services prioritize the safety of your family, pets, and the environment. We use environmentally friendly fungicides and follow strict safety protocols to minimize any potential risks.

There’s also the investment aspect to consider. By preventing extensive damage to your lawn caused by fungal infections, you avoid the need for costly repairs and replacements down the line. Plus, maintaining a healthy lawn ups your curb appeal and can add value to your property. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Lawn Fungicide Treatments

What Steps Can I Take to Prevent Fungal Lawn Diseases?

Start by planting disease-resistant types of grass. Tall fescue is a great option. As you mow, make sure you don’t remove more than a third of the length at a time. Aim to mow frequently and water your grass in the mornings. Keep an eye on progress – your lawn should get at least one inch of water weekly.

When Should I Get Fungicide Treatments?

The most effective time to apply a fungicide for grass is at the first sign of a disease. Lawn fungicide treatments are most successful as a preventative measure, but they can combat a large-scale infection when applied by professionals. The schedule will vary depending on your location, type of grass, and type of fungal disease, but it is common to apply fungicide monthly from the early spring until the late fall.

What Is Brown Patch Fungus?

Brown patch fungus is a very common fungal disease in grass caused by Rhizoctonia solani spores. Once started, it spreads rapidly, causing circular areas of brown grass surrounded by dark, narrow rings. It is crucial to treat brown patch fungus as soon as possible.

Can Fungicide Treatments Harm Grass?

Fungicide treatments for lawns are designed to target and eliminate harmful fungi that can infect grass. It’s important to use them appropriately and follow the manufacturer's instructions. Proper application techniques, timing, and dosage all play a role in successfully fighting fungi in your lawn without harming your grass.

What Types of Lawn Fungus Does This Service Treat?

When the Lawn Pride team is on the job, fungus treatment for lawns is comprehensive. We can address common fungi including:

  • Brown patch lawn fungus
  • Dollar spot lawn disease
  • Gray leaf spot disease
  • Leaf spot disease
  • Pythium lawn fungus
  • Red thread lawn disease
  • Zoysia patch fungus

How Can I Prevent Fungicide Resistance?

To prevent fungi from becoming resistant to treatments, combine various methods of managing diseases. For instance, don't rely solely on vulnerable plant types. Instead, go for fungi-resistant plant varieties and rotate between different fungicides to keep fungi guessing. Only use fungicides when there's a real need, rather than as a routine.

Do I Need to Do Anything to Prepare My Yard for Fungicide Treatment?

If you’re taking a DIY approach to fungicide, you must first properly identify the type of fungus causing the problem in your yard in order to choose an effective treatment. Remove any debris or weeds that could hinder the application of the fungicide. Follow the instructions on the label carefully, including any safety precautions, and apply it during suitable weather conditions for optimal effectiveness.

Should you decide to hire our lawn disease control service, the only prep you’ll need is to remove pets from the yard while our team works.

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