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Lawn Care Programs for a Healthy Yard

Get Ongoing Lawn Care Maintenance from Lawn Pride

Lawn care is an ongoing process. Keeping your lawn looking lush and growing green requires lawn care on a routine basis. Lawn Pride offers lawn care programs that make it easier than ever to keep your lawn healthy. Whatever type of yard care services you need, we have a program perfectly suited for you, including pest control, fungicide, tree, shrub, or even our 7-Application Program. Learn more about our lawn care programs!

The 7-Application Program for Overall Lawn Health

The 7-Application Program is a lawn care maintenance routine customized to your yard. This program combines several essential lawn treatments, applying each at precisely the right time of year. Our team will develop a plan that includes fertilization, pre-emergent weed control, post-emergent weed control, and insect control. If you are looking for the most comprehensive lawn care program, you've found it.

Multiple Pest Control Programs

Pests can seriously damage your lawn. Even worse, they can make your yard an unpleasant place to spend time. We have a series of pest control programs that can help you get the population of pesky intruders under control. Our pest control programs include:

  • Grub Control Program – Grubs have a seasonal lifecycle. If you want to effectively curb their population in your yard, you need a complete program that includes pre-emergent and post-emergent treatments like our Grub Control Program.
  • Perimeter Pest Program – Don't let pests invade the perimeter of your home. Our treatments are applied around the outside of your home to ward off insects like ants, earwigs, spiders, and more.

*Perimeter Pest, Pest Protection, Trees and Shrubs, Fungicide services are not available in all areas.

Specialized Programs That Care for Your Trees and Shrubs

Trees, shrubs, and other woody plants need special care. We have a lawn care program that looks after the complete health of your trees and shrubs. Our Tree and Shrub Program includes fertilization, pest control, disease control, pruning, and more. When you put the health of your trees and shrubs in our hands, we will ensure that they thrive like never before.

Fungicide Programs for Fighting Lawn Disease

If you have dead patches of grass, a fungal disease may be the culprit. Your yard may be suffering from brown patch disease, dollar spot, or many other lawn fungi. No amount of watering and fertilizing will cure the fungal disease in your lawn. The solution is our Fungicide Program. We will identify the best treatment for your particular yard and disease. Before you know it, we'll have your lawn looking great and growing again.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Lawn Care Programs

If this is your first time searching for professional lawn care service programs, you probably have some questions. The Lawn Pride team is always available to answer questions and connect you with our closest lawn care team. With more than 40 years in the lawn care industry, our professionals can answer all your questions about soil, grasses, weeds, insects, and more. Below, you can find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our lawn care programs.

Do I Need a Lawn Care Program?

You may be a masterful mower who is wonderful about watering the lawn but using a professional lawn care program is still worthwhile. There are many advantages of having experts perform certain essential yard care services to your lawn on a routine basis. Not only does it save you the time and trouble of having to perform tasks like fertilizing and aerating. It also ensures that you will get the best results possible.  

Which Pest Control Program Is Right for Me?

With our various pest control programs, you might be wondering which one is right for you. Many homeowners combine several pest control programs. Our Perimeter Pest Control Program will keep the creepy crawlers out of your home, while our Pest Protection Program will help repel them away from your yard. If you know that you have a specific type of pest, like grubs/beetles, then it is usually best to get a program dedicated to fighting that particular insect. Our lawn care professionals will meet with you, discuss your needs, and aid you in determining which program will help your lawn the most.

Why Choose Lawn Pride?

Lawn Pride doesn't just work hard to care for your lawn. We work hard to care for you. Our services are unparalleled, using the most up-to-date techniques and equipment, but our dedication to our customers is what truly sets us apart. Homeowners trust us with their lawns year after year because we are friendly experts who make their lawns look fantastic.

Request a Free Lawn Care Program Estimate Today!

Let a team of highly qualified professionals look after your yard. Whether you need help fighting pests or controlling weeds, we have a program to help you achieve your lawn care goals. On top of that, we offer free estimates for our lawn care programs. A team member will meet with you, explain our programs, and ensure that we develop a schedule that is optimized specifically for your lawn. To get started, request a free lawn care program estimate today!