Professional Fertilization Services in Huntsville, AL

High-Quality Fertilizer Treatments for Your Lawn

To grow green and beautiful, grass needs sun, water, and nutrient-rich soil. Routine fertilizer treatments are the only way to keep your soil full of nutrients. Soil loses its nutrients over time and needs a balanced amount to maintain its thickness. If you overfertilize your lawn, you risk damaging the yard. Lawn Pride of Huntsville provides professional lawn fertilization services in Alabama. Our experienced lawn professionals customize fertilizing treatments to meet the needs of your lawn. Contact us today to get an estimate on our lawn fertilization services.


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Lawn Fertilization Basics

The most active ingredients in all fertilizers include potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. Nitrogen helps your grass stay bright green, potassium helps the grass through stressful conditions, and phosphorus boosts the development of healthy roots. Fertilizers have a different balance of these active ingredients. It’s essential to know the best balance for your unique lawn. Our service professionals will ensure you have balanced nutrients. We use slow-release, high-quality fertilizers that deliver a precise amount of nutrients without causing rapid top growth.

Benefits of a Fertilizing Service

Lawn fertilization services provide your lawn with the necessary nutrients to thrive and fight off lawn diseases. We offer a 7-Application Program that combines fertilization, pre-emergent weed control, post-emergent weed control, and insect control. Some of the most significant benefits of grass fertilization include the following:

  • Fast Growth – A well-maintained lawn grows quickly and stays lush.
  • Beautiful Color – Lawn fertilizing provides a vibrant green lawn.
  • Fast Recovery – Fertilization helps heal dry patches and areas of discoloration.
  • High Density – Thick grass can help your lawn look better and aid in weed control.

Lawn Fertilizing Frequently Asked Questions

Lawn Pride of Huntsville takes fertilizing seriously. We know feeding your lawn is about more than a single fertilizer treatment. Most of our customers have questions about fertilizer treatments. Our experienced service professionals will create an effective treatment plan. Our team is here to answer some of your most frequently asked questions about our lawn fertilization services.

Why Is It Important to Fertilize My Lawn?

It is essential to the health of your lawn to fertilize it regularly. A well-fertilized lawn is healthy and less likely to get patches of discolored grass. Our service professionals will help your grass stay grass and lush.

When Do I Schedule Fertilizer Services?

Our service professionals offer fertilizer services throughout the year. We recommend fertilizer services in the fall because the morning dew helps the fertilizer application absorb into the lawn. The hot summer months provide a challenge to properly maintain grass health, but we know the best ways to handle the grass in hot temperatures.

Is There a Way to Prevent Fertilizer Burn?

Fertilizer burn happens when too much fertilizer is placed on the grass. You can spot fertilizer burn in areas where there are streaks of brownish-yellow grass. We know the balanced amounts of fertilizer applications for your lawn to help prevent fertilizer burn.

What Should I Do Before Fertilizing Services?

We will do everything from mowing to raking before applying lawn fertilizer. We can even aerate your lawn to ensure there is a direct channel between the roots of your grass to the soil. We create a customized treatment plan to ensure maximum effects from your fertilizer application.

Choose Lawn Pride of Huntsville

Lawn Pride of Huntsville customizes fertilizer treatments to the health of your lawn. We know the types of grass and the temperature that works best with each fertilizer application. Our service professionals offer comprehensive lawn services to Huntsville, Alabama. We can come to your home and offer an estimate on our lawn fertilizer service costs. We recommend our lawn care maintenance programs to ensure your lawn stays healthy all year. We back our services and products with a guarantee.

Contact Lawn Pride of Huntsville

Lawn Pride of Huntsville will help your lawn stay lush and green with our lawn fertilizer services. Let us take the chore of fertilizing your lawn and maintaining a beautiful yard. We know the best ways to increase the health of your grass. We always put the health of your lawn first and customize our lawn care services to meet your needs. Contact our professionals today to schedule lawn care fertilizer services.