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Lawn Fertilization Services That Really Make a Difference

In order for grass to grow thick, green, and healthy, it needs water, sunlight, and food. The food that supplies nutrients to your grass is fertilizer. While most soil has organic nutrients, your lawn will become depleted of its natural sources of nourishment over time. Fertilizing your lawn replenishes those crucial nutrients. Fertilizing a lawn is more complicated than many think, though. If you apply too much fertilizer, your yard can become damaged by fertilizer burn. If you don’t place enough fertilizer, your lawn may wither without the proper supply of vital nutrition. Lawn Pride of League City, Pearland and Friendswood offers lawn fertilization in the Friendswood, Pearland, and League City, Texas areas. Learn more about our lawn fertilization services.


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Lawn Fertilizer Explained

Lawn fertilizer supplies the basic elements your lawn needs to grow strong and healthy. The three main ingredients of most fertilizers are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Nitrogen helps your grass grow in vibrant green colors. Phosphorus contributes to healthy root growth. Potassium gives your grass long-term nutrition that helps it get through stressful conditions like intense heat and drought. Different lawns need different balances of each component. Lawn Pride of League City, Pearland and Friendswood can help you understand the optimal fertilizer and schedule for your particular yard.

Consider a Lawn Fertilization Program

One-off fertilizer treatments can undoubtedly help your lawn, but if you want the best results, you should consider one of our lawn fertilization programs. We offer programs that include repeated fertilizer treatments. When Lawn Pride of League City, Pearland and Friendswood fertilizes your lawn, we use slow-release fertilizers that give your grass and soil long-term nutrients. We can work with you to create a customized schedule that ensures your grass always has the food it needs to thrive. We can also offer you other programs that bundle our services, such as pest control, weed control, or even our 7-Application Program.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lawn Fertilization

When a homeowner looks into fertilizing their lawn for the first time, it’s natural to have some questions. You may have friends who damaged their lawn trying to fertilize it on their own. There are many problems that can arise from improper fertilization. Our lawn care team will walk you through the ideal fertilization schedule. However, some of the most frequently asked lawn fertilization questions are answered below.

How Do I Know If My Lawn Needs to Be Fertilized?

Every lawn needs to be fertilized in order to keep it looking green, thick, and healthy. When grass doesn’t receive fertilizer, it will likely become discolored and patchy. If your grass is brown, yellow, or rust-colored, that is a reliable symptom of insufficient nutrients in the soil. Even healthy-looking lawns should be fertilized on a routine basis to prevent unsightly malnourishment.

What Is the Best Time to Fertilize a Lawn?

Lawn fertilization has the best impact when performed in the moderate temperatures of the early spring and late fall. However, Lawn Pride of League City, Pearland and Friendswood can safely and effectively perform lawn fertilization year-round in Texas. We may need to take special precautions when the heat becomes scorching.

How Can Fertilizer Burn Be Prevented?

If you put too much fertilizer on your lawn at once, you can end up with fertilizer burn. Fertilizer burn develops brownish-yellow spots or streaks in the grass. To prevent fertilizer burn, it is crucial to evenly distribute the right amount of fertilizer. Choosing the right type of fertilizer is another factor in preventing fertilizer burn. Ultimately, you can forget about fertilizer burn by working with a professional lawn fertilization team like Lawn Pride of League City, Pearland and Friendswood.

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