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We don't believe lawn care should be a complicated process. Lawn Pride of South Charlotte provides trusted and professional lawn care services to South Charlotte, NC residents. We customize lawn care services to meet the needs of your lawn. We offer everything from aeration and overseeding to lawn fertilization and weed control services. Our service professionals have the expertise to understand your area's local environment and typical lawn issues. We're committed to boosting the health of your lawn and offering effective lawn care services. Contact us today to request an estimate on our lawn care services.

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Comprehensive Lawn Care Services

Lawn Pride of South Charlotte proudly serves the area with comprehensive lawn care services to meet your needs. Our wide range of professional lawn care services ensures your lawn stays in excellent health throughout the year. Some of our many lawn care services include the following:

  • Lawn Fertilization – We replenish the nutrients in your lawn by spreading a unique fertilizer mixture.
  • Weed Control – We eliminate weeds in your yard with professional weed control services.
  • Aeration and Overseeding – Aeration and overseeding include creating tiny holes that help nutrients reach the roots and planting new seeds over your existing lawn to create thicker grass.
  • Fungicide – Fungicide treatments help combat common fungal diseases on your lawn to keep it in excellent health.

Professional Lawn Care Programs

Our service professionals understand lawn care is an ongoing process throughout the year. It's essential to have lawn care programs that keep your lawn lush and beautiful. We make it as easy as possible to maintain your lawn with expert lawn care programs. Some of our lawn care programs include the following:

  • 7-Application ProgramWe customize our 7-Application Program to your yard. This program combines fertilization, pre-emergent weed control, post-emergent weed control, and insect control.
  • Grub Control ProgramThe Grub Control Program effectively curbs the grub population in your yard. We can eliminate an underground pest infestation in your yard.
  • Fungicide Program – Fungal growth causes many issues for lawns. We control fungal disease with our Fungicide Program which effectively combats brown spots with fungicide treatments.

Benefits of Lawn Care Services for Your Home

The best way to boost the health of your lawn is through customized lawn services. We diagnose any lawn care issues, identify specific types of weeds, and offer an effective treatment plan. Lawn care services help free you from lawn care chores. Our professionals can help your lawn look its best throughout the year. We help create thick and healthy lawns and help you understand our process.

Why Choose Lawn Pride of South Charlotte?

Lawn Pride of South Charlotte is committed to optimal lawn health in South Charlotte and Charlotte, NC. We exceed expectations with our customized lawn care treatments. Whether you need weed control or pest protection, we are here for you. Every yard is unique, so we base our pricing on your needs. We always offer upfront pricing without any hidden fees. We can handle any condition of lawn. Our lawn care maintenance programs make it as easy as possible to ensure a healthy lawn. We stand behind our services with the Neighborly Done Right Promise.

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Contact Lawn Pride of South Charlotte

Lawn Pride of South Charlotte is your trusted local lawn care company. Our service professionals are always here to answer questions and help you understand lawn health. We want to help you maintain a stunning and lush yard. Contact us today to request services or get an estimate on lawn care services.