5 things lawn care professionals wish you knew

Social Media, Blog Posts, Neighbors, magazines and DIY forums aim to inspire homeowners to have the perfect lawn. In the high-stakes world and intense pressure of social media, we at Lawn Pride strive and thrive every day to deliver the results that meet the expectations our customers deserve and expect.  So what is it we want you to know?
  1. Your lawn is like a diet; you cannot eat healthy for one week and expect results. It takes a steady, methodical, consistent approach.
  2. External factors make a difference on lawn health. We tailor our services to meet the current external factors our customers are facing.
  3. Watering is a part of managing your lawns health. However, water too much, too little, or at the wrong time and it can lead to more detriment than benefit.
  4. Prevention is critical for anything. Lawn care is no different; preventing weeds, disease, pests, amongst other things lays the foundation for a good lawn health.
  5. Aerating and Overseeding is crucial to introduce nutrients and create a thick dense turf. From perfection to the worst of lawns, everyone should aerate and overseed once a year.
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