All about weeds – Indianapolis weed control.

Indianapolis weed control Lawn PrideAt this time of year our customers are concerned about one thing: weeds. Weeds are obvious. You have them or you don’t. You have a lot or a few. It’s pretty clear. The most noticeable weed this time of year is the Dandelion. It's bright yellow flower stands out against the green turf. Other weeds are beginning to surface but aren't as noticeable as that yellow flower. So how do we get rid of them? First off,  strong, thick turf is best defense against any weed. Weeds are most likely to pop up where the turf is thin or short. Therefore, we recommend a long lawn instead of a short lawn; your lawn is healthier at 4” than 2”. So while you might favor the look of a golf course fairway, the short turf does not help the fight weeds. Also, weeds are prone to pop up along freshly edged walks and driveways, so while a neatly edged walkway is attractive, the freshly exposed soil is prime territory for weeds. So, set your mower higher and when edging, don't expose more soil than necessary. We fight weeds three ways. First is to create a healthy lawn. Second, we apply a pre-emergent herbicide during our first two applications. This helps prevent weeds from surfacing, but isn't full proof. Our third tactic is apply a post-emergent herbicide after weeds have surfaced. Herbicides are only effective when the temperatures are warmer, say, when daytime temps are between 70° - 80°, so early spring isn’t always the best time to begin fighting weeds because it's still too cool. The best time to fight weeds is actually the season before. So if you have weeds now, it’s best to let us treat them all season and into the fall – then your lawn will be better armed to fight them the next season.  So that means that fighting weeds is an on-going proposition. Weeds just don’t stay away, that’s why we include a weed control product with 6 of our 7 applications. Weeds are persistent and challenging, but if we continue to treat them, they will go away. And while they are unsightly, it will take a little time for our treatments to work. Even under ideal conditions, herbicides take several days to fully penetrate the root system and begin to kill the weed. And for some lawns it takes a few treatments to kill all the weeds. In the end, we want your lawn to be the picture of health. If you have weeds now, don’t worry we’ll get them, we just need the weather to cooperate first. In the mean time, if you have any questions, please give us a call.