Choosing an Indianapolis lawn care company.

There are many factors that go into choosing a lawn care company. Price, service, value, services offered are among the major decision making criteria. But with so many companies vying for your business, there are often several factors that go overlooked when making that final decision. Or worse yet, there are things that are simply too good to be true. Once the snow melts and the temperatures begin to rise, consider these details as you ponder who will care for the health of your lawn this season. 1. Is there a person to take your call? Customer service is a big deal. It seems that more and more companies are sacrificing customer service to lower costs. Well, we do not believe in that strategy. We are locally owned and locally grown and our people are on standby to take your call. Have a question, just pick up the phone. Better yet, if you need to talk to the boss, just use our web form found here, your email will go to the V.P. of Operations. 2. Watch out for that special low price.  We all love a bargain Yet there are companies out there that dangle an incredibly low price out there hoping to attract your attention. Unfortunately, the deal they are offering is for one application and the price spikes dramatically for all future applications. Always look at the total price and not the immediate offer. 3. Who is taking care of your lawn? What is the experience level of the lawn care company you have chosen? We have been in business since 1983 and employ degreed turf experts to ensure your lawn is treated with expert care. And because we are local, we choose products that are formulated for the types of grass and weather found in central Indiana. We'll also adjust the products based on changing weather (such as drought) to ensure your lawn receives the best possible care. 4. Look for overall value.  Prices rise and fall. Discounts will vary greatly. The best advice to look for a company that provides the best overall value. Lawn Pride offers many value-added benefits such as online bill pay, free advice and local expertise to name a few. Want to learn more? Check out our services.