Do-It-Yourself Kids Halloween Costumes

October is here, which means it’s time for one of our favorite moments of autumn… Halloween! Looking for fun, clever, and unique costume ideas for the kids? This year, skip the store’s cluttered holiday aisle and make your own! We’re here to share some our favorite Halloween DIY ensembles.

Creative and Uncomplicated: a No-Sew Ghost, a Paint Brush, Or a Viking!

Nothing screams “Halloween” quite like the classic ghost. Turn your little one into an adorable apparition– no sewing machine required! “It’s creative times two” with this following costume idea. Have an artistic child at home? Make them a walking work of art as a paint brush and palette! Vikings are all the rage these days. If your kid wants to sport a horned helmet, it’s hard to say no to a Norseman - just don’t tell them their costume is made from a toilet seat cover!

Affordable Alternatives: Grapes, Raining Cats and Dogs, or Popcorn!

What do you get when you grab a pack of green or purple balloons? A bunch of grapes! It doesn’t get much easier than this. Simply inflate the balloons, attach them to a matching colored sweatshirt, and voila! Costume, done (with time to spare to finish your glass of wine). Check out the YouTube video! Although we hope the weather stays fair for your trick-or-treaters out there, an umbrella is a requirement for this next getup. Pair it with some construction paper pet cutouts, a raincoat and galoshes, and you’ve got yourself a good old “raining cats and dogs” costume. All you need is some insulation, fleece, and creativity for this next costume! Check out this bucket of popcorn costume with huge popped kernels.

Wherever your creative spirit takes you this season, all of us here at Lawn Pride wish you a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!