Early spring lawn care for Indianapolis Lawns

Dandelions OK, lawns are starting to take off. Temps are rising and the rain is falling, especially last night. So what can you expect over the next few weeks? Well, for starters, if you signed up for our 7-application program, then you've already received the first application. This first application is designed to wake up and jump start your lawn for the season. The primary goal of this application is to fertilize. To get the lawn to start growing and green up quickly. The one thing our first application won't do is control weeds. What?! That may sound counter intuitive, but we have a couple good reasons for this. First and foremost, the temperatures aren't warm enough at this time for weed control products to be effective. Temperatures need to be above 65 degrees for weed control products to kick in. The second reason we don't use pre-emergent weed control with our first application is to allow homeowners to  fill in thin spots or overseed the entire yard. Weed control products won't let grass seed germinate. Our second application of the season (which we have just begun), is when we apply the first dose of weed control. Temps are warm enough and if you've seeded, then the pre-emergent wont interfere with germination. Where weeds show up. Weeds are sneaky. The seeds can lay dormant for years and pop up when you're not expecting it. Most commonly weeds will pop up along freshly edged sidewalks and driveways. As you edge, you expose fresh soil to sunlight and moisture and those dormant weeds spring to life. Weed seeds can also be transported in mulch, so as you add mulch to your landscape, be wary of weeds that may surface. To learn more check out our videos on several lawn care topics.