Fall lawn care is vital to a green, healthy lawn in the spring

The Labor Day holiday has come and gone and fall is quickly approaching.  This is one of the most important times of the year for lawn care as you prepare your turf for the winter.

Fall Lawn Care Here’s a short list of things to consider over the next few weeks:
  • Fall fertilization – Providing your lawn with nitrogen fertilizer will help with fall/winter color, improved root growth, and better storage of energy reserves over the winter.
  • Treat weeds – As the days get cooler, treating weeds is an important strategy for a healthy lawn.   Fall treatments can kill both annual and perennial weeds, especially dandelion and clover.
  • Aeration – The soil in your lawn can become compacted over the summer months, so aeration will help the roots “breathe” and establish themselves for the coming winter.
  • Overseeding – Depending on the make-up of your lawn, overseeding can help repair damaged spots in your lawn in time for germination and growth before winter stress.
  • Mulch/Rake Leaves – Leaf removal is important for more than just cosmetic reasons.  Leaves can create a cover over your grass and prevent moisture from evaporating.  This can create snow mold.  Mulching/Raking leaves also allow the turf to breathe and the sunlight to continue to help certain grasses grow.
Take advantage of the cooler weather to prepare your lawn for winter and a full healthy spring!   Need help? Contact us for a free consultation and estimate.