Helping your lawn recover from the drought

The weather over the last few weeks has been nearly perfect for lawns – cool temps and good rainfall; unfortunately some areas aren’t recovering from the drought like we hoped.  Most of the severe damage is occurring on lawns with a southern exposure (because those areas see the hottest part of the sun throughout the day).  Other areas that are experiencing more damage than usual are those that are watered often with an irrigation system. These areas normally don’t have to fight for water because the root systems are shallow due to the overabundance of water.  So when the watering ban was instituted, this turf that has been pampered, had to start fighting for survival and it wasn’t capable of doing that.  To help these areas recover, a healthy dose of overseeding will create new turf plants to take over and help fill in the bare spots. Also, if you cancelled service during the summer, it would be worth having us come out to prep your lawn for winter. Fall is the best time of year to prepare your lawn for a healthy start the following year. Contact us today for a fall treatment!