Indiananapolis lawns are prime for fungus

Most damaging fungus is likely to occur when daytime temperatures are above 80 degrees, nighttime temperatures are above 60, and humidity is high. For central Indiana lawns, typically cool grasses such as Kentucky Bluegrass and Tall Fescue, the unwanted fungus types are brown patch and summer patch. Brown patch is a fungus that usually occurs during periods of hot temperatures and high humidity. The fungus attacks the leaf blade, resulting in irregularly shaped brown spots throughout the lawn. It can be spread by mowing or walking through it.  Your lawn needs fungicide applications to stop the fungus from spreading. This will give the infected turf the best chance to recover. Summer patch is a fungus that usually occurs on turf during periods of hot, humid weather. It appears as irregularly shaped patches that are green in the center with a brown ring on the outside. Summer Patch attacks the root system, but you can sometimes get the turf to recover with a series of fungicide applications. If you wait too long to apply a fungicide, the summer patch could spread through the entire lawn and be impossible to recover. At that point, it’s time to reseed. However – our lawn techs are regularly assessing your lawn when they arrive every 4-6 weeks for your application. If you notice any irregular patches between applications, give us a call and we’ll do our best to stop the problem before it grows!