Indianapolis lawn care "deals" that may be misleading.

indianapolis lawn care dealsThis spring as you begin to compare lawn care companies, you'll be hit with a lot of confusing information. Seems like every lawn care company has a different approach for trying to earn your business. Here is a look at a few "deals" that may be too good to be true. 1. The $29.95 first application. This one is used by a national lawn care service and hasn't changed in years. Seems great, you get your first lawn treatment for a mere $29.95. Not bad. have to read the fine print. That offer is only good for lawns of a certain size, usually less than 5,000 square feet. The average Indianapolis area lawn is closer to 7500 square feet...or larger. Also, this "deal" is only available for people who sign up for the automatic payment plan or if you prepay for all services in advance. While this isn't a big deal for some folks, it can be a deal breaker for others. 2. Beware of monthly payments. This is a popular tactic by another national lawn care service. When pricing their services online, they offer monthly price, which takes 6-7 months of service and spreads it out over 11 months. Now, while that can be handy to have a nice tidy monthly payment, it may be misleading to some. On the surface, you may think you're getting 7 treatments for $39.95 each. In reality you're paying $39.95 for 11 months. That's a big difference. The bottom line is this: get a total price, with tax for all services. Then, and only then, can you compare apples to apples. Also, understand what each service includes. If you can't get a detailed description for each service, then use caution.