Indianapolis lawn care is getting high tech

Indianapolis lawn care best dealsFor decades treating lawns remained largely unchanged. Lawn technicians would walk the lawn using a push spreader or spray product from a hose attached to a large truck-mounted tank. And for a while, this worked ok. But things have changed. Lawn Pride has been using ride-on fertilizer machines for a couple years and this year nearly every lawn will be treated using this high-tech machine. Not only does it make it more efficient for us, it actually benefits your lawn. These ride-on applicators allow a precise dose of fertilizer and weed control product. The product can be accurately applied to the lawn, avoiding gardens, mulch beds and other areas that we do not want to treat. They also allow the liquid product to be applied lower to the ground, preventing waste or uneven application during windy conditions. As an added benefit, the sprayers we use are made right here in Central Indiana, helping the local economy by supporting local businesses. There are some lawns we cannot treat with these machines and for those customers we will continue to walk the lawn with our traditional push spreaders and hoses. Regardless of which method we use, we guarantee our service for customers receiving 5 applications or more. If you have any questions about our products or service, please don't hesitate to ask.