Indianapolis lawn fertilization and weed control: how many applications?

How to get the perfect lawnAs you consider your lawn care options this spring, you'll see a variety of programs. Our competitors offer anywhere from 4-10 applications as part of their published offerings. This creates a lot of confusion. How many applications should you choose? Our recommended program includes seven applications. With over 30 years experience, we have determined that seven applications does the best job for all the lawns we treat. When we formulate our treatments we consider many factors including local weather conditions, but our primary goal is to kill weeds, improve color and promote overall health. Weed control for central Indiana lawns.  Controlling weeds is mostly a matter of timing. Treat weeds too early when it's cool and the herbicide won't work. Treat the weeds when it's too hot and the herbicide won't work. There is a narrow temperature band when herbicides are effective. We monitor temperatures and apply herbicides when they are going to work best. That's why we like to come out several times over the growing that we can treat weeds when they need to be treated. Improving the color of your Indianapolis lawn.  The color of your lawn is largely affected by nitrogen. But too much is not a good thing. We carefully balance nitrogen with other nutrients to ensure the color of your lawn is a result of overall health, and not artificially inflated due to an overdose of nitrogen. Overall health for your lawn.  Seven applications allows us to spoon-feed fertilizer. This slow and steady approach to fertilization prevents growth spurts and keeps root development in unison with top growth...and that makes for a healthy lawn. You shouldn't eat only one per day – and your lawn shouldn't eat only once or twice a season. Slow, but continual fertilization is best for your lawn's diet. Want to learn more? Contact us today.