Indianapolis water restrictions and lawn care

OK, so it finally happened. It wasn't a matter of "if", rather a matter of "when" and that is today. At noon. No more watering lawns for Indianapolis residents. The silver lining is that you can continue to water flower & vegetable gardens (with certain restrictions), but general lawn watering is on hold. Hopefully you've had the chance to water before today, so your lawn has some moisture to live off of until we get some rain or the ban is lifted.If you live in an area that doesn't have water restrictions now is the time to water, water, water. Learn more about Indianapolis water restrictions here: As we mentioned in a previous blog, we're switching products to ensure the safety of your lawn. We're moving to an organic compound that won't burn and unwatered lawn and will lay dormant on the soil until some water (hopefully by rain) will soak it in. This is a system wide change and even lawns that are getting plenty of water will benefit from the change. If you have any questions, please give us a call.