It’s time to put down roots

When you stop to think about it, your lawn is actually made up of millions of grass plants, each with its own root system.

Roots are the anchors that secure the plants in the soil as well as the system for providing them the nutrients they need.  So, it makes sense that strong, deep roots will result in a stronger, healthier lawn, right?

Now is the best time to fertilize to develop and strengthen those roots. With cooler temperatures and shorter days, the top growth begins to slow and the nutrients are diverted to the roots. Roots will actually continue to grow until the ground freezes.

If you fertilized your lawn earlier in the year (even as recently as September), the focus was on top growth. You know your grass is healthy when it is green and growing. What you can’t see is what’s underground. But it’s even more important.

Taking the initiative to develop your lawn’s root system now. It will help your grass endure the winter weather and, come spring, emerge with green vitality that will welcome you, your family, and your neighbors out of the gray of winter.