Last chance to save your lawn!

I know we've covered watering a lot recently...and for good reason. It's been exceptionally dry and here we are, the second week of July with no rain in the forecast for at least a week. What does that mean? Well, if your lawn in brown and crunchy, it may be too late. You'll want to see if the crown is still alive -- that's the part of the plant just above the soil where the grass blades grow. If the base of the grass blade is white and pliable, then the plant is still alive (dormant, but alive). If the crown is dry and brittle, the grass may be dead altogether. If the lawn is dormant, it may be best to keep it dormant, by watering less than the recommended one inch per week. Once the weather breaks and temps cool, your lawn will bounce back. But if there is still a little green remaining and you'd like to keep it green, please take the time to lay down a long, deep watering. Water bans may be issued soon, so this may be the last chance you can lawfully water your lawn for the foreseeable future. Ideally you should water during the morning, but if you can't, then water any time you can. We've hit critical conditions, so watering anytime is better than no water at all. See our other posts below for proper watering tips.