Lawn fertilization and weed control: why choose Lawn Pride.

For many homeowners, a healthy lawn is a must-have. These folks typically use the lawn as an extension of their living space, have kids or pets; or simply enjoy the aesthetic of a nice lawn. But unfortunately a healthy lawn doesn't happen on its own. Just like your own personal health, the health of your lawn is something that must be planned. And that's just what we do. Zionsville, Carmel, Westfield, Fishers, Greenwood, Plainfield, Lawn Pride lawn care fertilization and weed control.

We think about your lawn 365 days a year.

Here in the midwest, we enjoy a break from lawn care during the winter months and for most folks, it's a well deserved break from mowing, raking and general lawn care. But not us. We think about lawns all year long. Even when lawns are dormant we're thinking about the season they just had, the winter we're having and what state your lawn will be in when spring arrives. A lawn is affected by the season before. The last few years, we've had some hot, dry summers. And this winter has been long and cold, with a lot of snow. All of this affects the condition of your lawn. And because of this we adjust the products we use to ensure a healthy lawn. That's a lot of thinking that goes into a lawn. Probably more thinking than you'd like to contribute...and that is just fine. We don't expect our customers to think about lawn health as much as we do...and that's why Lawn Pride makes a good choice.

Slow and steady.

Years of experience has taught us that a slow and steady approach to fertilization and weed control is the best method. There are some products available at home centers that promote a 4 or 5-step approach, and that may work if you are very diligent and observant. Our 7-step program has proven results. It allows us to dole out fertilizer in small doses, which is best for your lawn. Using fewer steps, like 4 or 5, is better than nothing, but fewer applications require higher concentrations of fertilizer and weed control, which can be compared to binge eating. By applying fertilizer and weed control across 7 applications, we can apply the most appropriate level of food or herbicide. We also get the chance to see your yard more often and can make watering or mowing recommendations more frequently.

Locally owned. Locally grown. 

Choosing a lawn care service with local roots is important...for two reasons. First, we know central Indiana lawns. And we know central Indiana weather. National companies buy their product in bulk and service many different types of lawns in many different climates. We only service Indiana lawns and know the exact growing conditions and can adjust accordingly. Secondly, we have customer service and operations facility right here in Indianapolis. We're only a short drive or a quick call away from any questions you may have. Call today for more information or pricing for your lawn.