Lawn Pride grass of the week: Kentucky Bluegrass

Lawn Pride Indianapolis fertilizer and weed controlIronically, Kentucky Bluegrass is not from Kentucky. It's actually native to Europe. It is presumed that the seed of Kentucky Bluegrass was brought by early settlers and it took root rather quickly, so to speak. The name is derived from its blue flowers that appear if allowed to reach full height of 12-18 inches. Kentucky Bluegrass is one of the most popular grasses in the central Indiana. It has a deep, green color and excellent texture. It grows well from seed, and is a popular choice for sod farms in the North. It grows from a very extensive system of rhizomes, underground stems that produce new plants. However, it does not grow well in deep shade. So if you have shady areas that you struggle to grow grass, maybe another species or approach should be considered. There are over a hundred varieties of Kentucky Bluegrass and each one has it's own characteristics. That's why it can look different lawn to lawn. Just because you and your neighbor both have Kentucky Bluegrass doesn't mean you can expect identical lawns.
  • Color: darker green than any other grass; same color on both sides
  • Width: 1/8" wide
  • Tip/blade: V-shaped blade with a canoe pointed tip
  • Feel: soft
  • Growth: aggressively through rhizomes (underground stems)
If you have any questions about your lawn, just let us know. You can even send us photos to help identify the type of grass or problem you are having.