Lawn Pride grass of the week: Tall Fescue

Lawn Pride weed control and fertilizationTall fescue is a cool-season grass, well adapted to sunny or partially shady areas. When densely sown, a pure stand forms a moderate to coarse-textured lawn that is uniform in appearance with good weed and disease resistance. Tall fescue tolerates warm summer temperatures and stays green during cool, but not severe winter conditions. New varieties that are finer in texture and shorter in stature are known as turf-type tall fescues and dwarf turf-type tall fescues. Tall fescue is a good species to plant for general lawn use and is the most common lawn grass in California.
  • Width: 3/16" or more; widest blade among cool-season grasses
  • Tip/blade: pointed tip
  • Color: dark like Kentucky bluegrass
  • Feel: coarse, stiff blades
  • Growth: grows in clumps
  • Additional: prominent veins visible on the blade; won't survive extreme cold temperatures; jagged edge on the side of the blade