Lawn Pride Weed of the Week: Ground Ivy

Lawn Pride prevents weeds and fertilizes Indianapolis lawnsAlso referred to as Creeping Charlie, Gill-over-the-ground, Cats-foot and Field Balm, Ground Ivy is a perennial broadleaf weed that can be found in moist, well shaded areas, but can also tolerate full sunlight. Ground Ivy thrives throughout the continental United States, although is more common in the east. Identifying Ground Ivy  Ground Ivy is identified by its long, creeping, square stems that root at the nodes. Ground Ivy blades are prominently round or oval shaped and all its foliage emits a strong mint-like odor when bruised, uprooted or mowed. In bloom, Ground Ivy features bluish-lavender colored, funnel shaped flowers that are located near the tip of the stem and typically grow in clusters. It usually flowers in the spring. Ground Ivy Control  Ground Ivy is an aggressive weed that can quickly overcome turfgrass with its creeping stems and roots. Cultural control practices such as mowing and manual removal can limit Ground Ivy, however these practices are not likely to eliminate the weed completely. Our herbicide treatments will help control ground Ivy, but you may not see results until temperatures are ideal. If Ground Ivy coverage is extensive, additional herbicide treatments may be required.