Turf Tips for New Central Indiana Homeowners

Are you a new homeowner, or a new resident of Central Indiana? Welcome home! We’d like to introduce ourselves – we’re your neighborhood lawn care pros who are here to help your lawn stay healthy and green. As you settle in, remember that spring is here, and that means lawn care. And lots of it.

Here are five turf tips for new Central Indiana homeowners:

Turf Tip #1: Watering

Besides sunlight, water is probably the most important part of a healthy Indiana lawn. Too little water will starve your grass; too much will drown it. How do you find the right balance for your lawn? Ask yourself a few simple questions:

  • Is the color fading?
  • Are their patches of brown?
  • Are the tips of the grass blades wilting?

Proper watering will ensure your grass grows strong without growing too fast or too slow. Ideally, water once or twice a week (and remember to check the weather forecast regularly!). Early morning and early evening watering will help prevent evaporation and saves water, too. Invest in a quality moisture sensor - a healthy lawn will remain moist down to about six inches in the soil.

Be sure to bookmark Lawn Pride’s exclusive guide to central Indiana lawn watering.

Turf Tip #2: Mowing

Eager to get out that shiny new mower and go to town on your lawn? Not so fast! Just like watering, cutting grass blades too little or too much can result in an unhealthy, unsightly lawn. Mowing more often at a taller blade height is far better than mowing infrequently but very close to the ground. Remember the One-Third Rule – never cut more than ⅓ of the total grass blade when mowing your lawn.

Additionally, make sure your lawn mower is well maintained (same goes for all of your lawn and garden equipment) and the blades stay sharp. And never mow when the grass is wet.

Turf Tip #3: Controlling Weeds

Ahh, weeds. We love to hate them. Actually, we just hate them! Even the nicest looking lawn will never be completely weed-free. Keeping weeds out of your yard is one of the toughest tasks for a homeowner. That’s also why it is often overlooked or simply ignored.

Not sure what you’re looking for? The four most common turf weeds in central Indiana are:

  1. Broadleaf weeds such as dandelion
  2. Crabgrass
  3. Foxtail
  4. Yellow Nutsedge

Turf Tip #4: Treating Turf Diseases

If you’re new to Central Indiana or this is your first spring in your new home, you might not know just how destructive Midwest winters can be to your lawn. Rain, snow, sleet, ice, cloud cover, hard freezes, and early thaws are just some of the unpredictable weather patterns that can really hurt our lawns.

Likewise, as we move into the growing season, weak and unhealthy lawns are more susceptible to common warm weather turf diseases. Around here, these diseases include Dollar Spot, Red Thread, Brown Patch, and others. That’s why fall and spring fertilizing, seeding and aeration, proper watering and mowing, herbicides and fungicides are all vital lawn care tools for the determined homeowner. It takes a lot of work to grow a good lawn!

Turf Tip #5: Preventing Pet Stains

We sure do love our pets here at Lawn Pride, but we could do without urine spots in the yard. Pet urine, especially from dogs, contains high levels of nitrogen. Although nitrogen can be a good thing and is actually found in many fertilizers, too much can leave behind brown spots. We’ve put together a handy DIY guide for preventing and repairing pet urine damage around your yard.

These five tips may seem like a lot of ground to cover, but have no fear – your friends here at Lawn Pride are here to help you! From seasonal fertilizer applications to pest and weed control, we have the tools, techniques, and expertise to ensure your new lawn remains the nicest on the block for years to come. Explore our website, give us a call, or stop by our local office today.