Tips for a Perfect Thanksgiving Celebration

Have you carved out room in your fridge for that big turkey yet? Thanksgiving is almost here, and we can’t wait. Family, food, football … it doesn’t get any better than this! From the turkey, decor, or fun activities, there are many ways to set the scene for a perfect Thanksgiving holiday. Lawn Pride is here to share some of our favorite tips for the best Thanksgiving experience!

The Food

You can argue over gravy, pumpkins versus pecans, and whether cranberry sauce should come from a can. However, no Thanksgiving is complete without the bird. How to cook it though, is a different story. Oven-roasted. Beer canned. Deep fried outside. With a duck and a chicken crammed inside. Spatchcocked. We got a lot of answers, but the two most popular were either in the oven, or in a turkey fryer. Done right, both will result in a savory, succulent dinner. Whether you choose to cook yours in the kitchen or the driveway, just remember these basic health and safety tips:
  • Let the turkey properly thaw in a refrigerator, sink of water (drained and refilled every 30 minutes), or microwave.
  • Raw turkey can contaminate anything it touches. Be sure to wash your hands and clean surfaces to prevent the spread of bacteria.
  • Make sure the internal temperature reaches at least 165 degrees.
  • If using a fryer, keep equipment away from the house and any other flammable material. If you get a spillover or flare up, DO NOT use water!
And don’t forget the sides! Our employees crave the classic dishes including green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, baked macaroni and cheese, and pie. A few threw out some more unique ideas, like pan-fried crispy Brussels sprouts & prosciutto, scalloped oysters, and Crockpot peach stuffing.

The Décor

Explore the aisles of your favorite home goods store or browse the boards on Pinterest for plenty of excellent Thanksgiving decorations you can buy or DIY. What does the Lawn Pride team prefer? That all depends who you ask. Here are a few of our favorite ideas:
  • If you’re hosting, ask your guests to “leaf” behind a thankful message. Grab some autumn-colored construction paper or even an old book, and cut out Post-It sized pieces in the shapes of leaves. Upcycle a picture frame and add a matte backing. Encourage your guests to think about something they are thankful for and write it down on the leaf. After, you can arrange the pieces inside the frame for a nice little keepsake reminder of the important things in life.
  • Cooler weather means warm fires - by the fireplace, a backyard bonfire, or even a well-placed candle. Use the holders for this next decoration. Stop by your local discount shop or thrift store and grab several candleholders in various sizes. Spray paint them black or distress them using your favorite technique. We love those little gourds and squashes they sell right now at the grocery store. Pick up a few, attach to the tops and set up around the house for a cheap, creative display.

The Fun

Even though we have to wait until Sunday to watch the Colts play, there are plenty of fun things to do to celebrate Thanksgiving Thursday. Here are just a few:
  • An American classic, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade kicks off at 9 a.m. Watch it on NBC.
  • Thanksgiving is also a kickoff to the Christmas season, so check out one of the many holiday light shows happening in Indy and around Central Indiana. Santa’s probably making his rounds at one or two (or all of them) malls by now as well.
  • The Indianapolis Zoo opens at noon Thanksgiving Day. Just don’t let the lions see you eating any turkey.
  • Closer to home, there are a million fun things to do with the family before and after dinner: Consider a game of:
    • Poker
    • Bingo
    • Board and card games (We suggest Uno or Monopoly!)
    • Turkey tag (click here to learn how.)
    • Pass the nut (click here to learn how.)
    • Football. This year’s thanksgiving matchups are Vikings/Lions, Chargers/Cowboys, and Giants/Redskins.

Happy Thanksgiving From Lawn Pride

What did we leave off? What’s essential for Thanksgiving in your home? Hop on over to our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages and tell us! Whatever you eat, however you decorate, and whichever activities you choose do, all of us here at Lawn Pride wish you a happy, safe, and warm Thanksgiving with those you love. Now pass the potatoes!