Cold Weather Pet Safety Tips

It’s no secret - we love lawns. But the Lawn Pride family loves our furry family members, too. And when it comes to cold winters in Indiana, we have some handy tips to keep them safe and warm all winter long. Here are our top five…

Winter Pet Safety Tip #1: Give Them Shelter

Give Them Shelter Obviously, the best place to keep pets in winter is inside your home with you. Even if your pets are indoor/outdoor animals or they like to spend lots of time outside, a warm home in winter is the safest spot for you and for them. Remember - if it’s too cold outside for you, then it’s too cold for your pet. Try walking around in the snow and freezing temperatures with no shoes on! Speaking of shoes, if you plan to allow your pets outdoors for any extended period, consider “booties” and a sweater or other protective pieces of clothing.

Winter Pet Safety Tip #2: Fill Their Bowls

Fill Their Bowls The cold weather means your pets are likely to burn more energy this time of year as they try to stay warm. For that reason, we suggest adding a bit more food to their bowl each day to ensure they receive enough calories. Likewise, make sure they stay hydrated by keeping their water bowls topped off - coming from outside into the dry air of your home can cause itchy, flaking skin.

Winter Pet Safety Tip #3: Seasonal Hygiene

Seasonal Hygiene Winter is no time to opt for a buzz cut at the groomer. Cut back on having your pets’ fur cut, and when you go, ask your groomer to keep their coats a bit longer during the cold weather months. Also, keep their nails trimmed. Give your animals fewer baths during winter, and always make sure they are fully dry before sending them outside. Keep an eye on your home’s humidity level. Like we mentioned above, the dry heat can harm their skin.

Winter Pet Safety Tip #4: Keep Poisons Out of Reach

Keep Poisons out of Reach Antifreeze is lethal. However, its sweet taste, unfortunately, attracts animals and children. Therefore, be sure to store antifreeze and other household chemicals far out of reach of pets and kids. If you spill antifreeze, clean it up immediately. Likewise, keep an eye on your dog if you use rock salt or other salt-based deicers around the house. Dogs are more prone to salt poisoning, in part because they lick their paws after walking outside. Those dog “booties” or a light application of petroleum jelly on their paws before walks can help prevent salt and other debris from getting lodged in their paws. If they go outside without either precaution, be sure to wipe/rinse off and dry their paws and stomachs when they get back in.

Winter Pet Safety Tip #5: Speak Up

Speak Up Animals can’t talk, but humans can. If you see a neighbor’s pet outdoors or in distress, kindly and respectfully share your concerns. If the animal continues to be neglected or you spot a stray in harm’s way, report the issue to your local animal control authority or law enforcement agency. No animal should suffer, especially this time of year. Indiana is known for its beautiful winters and we always welcome them here at Lawn Pride. Our family wishes yours - tail waggers included - a happy and safe holiday season.