Protecting your lawn during the summer heat.

The summer heat has arrived in central Indiana. For much of the summer, temps were fairly mild and we had decent precipitation levels, but for the last week or so temps are up and rain is down. So, what is a homeowner to do? Water, water, water. We cover watering a lot in our blog because it is an often overlooked practice. Or, more accurately, it is an often misapplied practice. People generally either water too much or too little. Very few folks get the watering routine down and that's too bad, because it's really not that difficult. We've discussed watering practices and tips here and here and recommend you read these blog posts. Lastly, we need to talk about the other plants throughout your lawn and landscape: your trees, shrubs and flowers. Don't forget them! Trees and shrubs are often overlooked because they are the hardiest of plants around your home. But even they can be stressed by the heat and lack of water.