The best lawn care company in Indianapolis.

the best lawn care company in indianapolisOK, that's a bold statement. And there are many factors that go into making a company great. But we happen to think that we offer the best service and the best overall value. So let's look at the many factors that contribute to such a bold statement. Locally owned, locally grown. We've been in business since 1983 right here in Indianapolis. And since that time we have grown and grown. We serve all of Central Indiana, from Franklin to Noblesville, Danville to Greenfield and all the towns in between. Seasonally-adjusted product. Each year we watch the weather. And depending on what Mother Nature delivers, our products may vary to deliver the best possible results. That way, you can rest assured that what we put down on your lawn will be the most effective product available. Online bill pay. Don't want to mail a check? Don't. Simply log on and pay online. It's just that easy. Value-added services. We do more than just fertilize lawns. We also provide aeration service, lawn pest control, mole control and tree & shrub services. To learn more about each of these services, simply return to the homepage and use the navigation in the top part of the page. Service reports. After each application we leave you a detailed report outlining when we were there, what we did and any issues that may have occurred, such as a locked gate to the backyard. This report will also detail the condition of your lawn and any recommendations for things you can do keep your lawn looking its very best (such as watering or mowing recommendations). Real customer service. During normal office ours you can expect to talk to a person. Our customer service staff is highly trained and ready for your calls. Whether you have a question about an invoice, your next application or another service altogether, we'll be there. That said, we are always open to your comments and feedback -- without your input we can't improve!