'Tis the season for Indianapolis lawn care.

Fall is here and with that comes some end of season lawn care which will ensure your lawn has a nice winter's rest. You see, fall is actually the prime time to tend to your lawn. And with the abundance of rain so far this fall, most Indianapolis area lawns have rebounded from the dry summer. During the fall, weeds prepare for dormancy and start to store an abundance of nutrients to get them through the winter. As a result they are prone to drawing in herbicides too. Turf grasses are also preparing for winter by drawing in nutrients, so it's a great time to hit them with a dose of fertilizer. Our fall applications are designed to provide exactly what your lawn needs to prepare for winter. As we've mentioned before in this blog, it's also a great time to aerate and overseed. Aeration is the process of removing nickle-sized plugs of soil from the lawn allowing air, water and nutrients to easily get to the grass roots. Removing the plugs also helps loosen up the soil giving the roots some elbow room and the subsequent dirt plugs give grass seed a place to take root.