Weed of the week: Oxalis

Lawn Pride Indianapolis fertilization and weed controlOxalis goes by several common names such as wood sorrel, or sourgrass, or false clover. It is a medium sized edible plant that occurs throughout most of North America.  Within the genus Oxalis, there are several species.  Oxalis typically grows a maximum of 15 inches tall.  Its small heart-shaped, "folded" leaves grow in groups of 3, which often make people think it is clover.  Its tiny flowers are typically white or yellow though they can be pink or violet depending on species. The bane of gardeners, this aggressive weed grows in yards, between sidewalk cracks, on hillsides, in planter boxes. In fact, there aren't too many places where it won't grow around central Indiana. Controlling this weed requires several treatments of broadleaf herbicide. Our mid-season products will control this weed and you should see it begin to wilt and die within 10 days after application.