Weeds happen. Why?

So you hired a lawn care service to treat your lawn for weeds. Maybe you have a few. Maybe more. Regardless you want your lawn to be weed free. It's a simple request. One we hear often and one we battle daily. Here's why. Weed control is one of the toughest aspects of lawn care. Why? Weeds don't care. They don't care that you don't want them. Weeds are driven by one thing. Mother Nature. And Mother Nature says, "go forth and multiply!" We apply herbicides nearly all season long because weed control is a never-ending battle. The weeds we kill today are replaced with new weeds tomorrow. Here's how: How weeds spread
  • Bird and Animal Droppings – When birds and animals eat weeds, berries and seeds out in the wild, they may transfer them to your lawn through their excrement. This can lead to all kinds of unexpected plant appearances, including, very occasionally, welcome ones such as attractive flowers.
  • The Breeze – Many plants cleverly design their spores to be transportable via even the most gentle breeze, which can carry them a few feet or a few miles, depending on its strength and the altitude where the seed starts out.
  • Hidden Roots and Seeds – Over the years, weed seeds and roots inevitably get left behind in the soil. Even if you don’t see them, there are usually many just below the surface, just waiting to gain access to the air and light they need to grow.
  • Edging -- When you edge along your sidewalk or drive you expose buried seeds to sun and air. The more you edge or the deeper/wider you edge the more likely weeds will appear.
But there is hope. Weeds hate a healthy lawn. Weeds need sun and air to germinate. If your lawn is thick and mowed high, you eliminate what needs need to grow. And while there is no guarantee against weeds, together we can help eliminate most of them.