What to expect from your first application

The weather is turning, and spring is just around the corner - eleven days from this post! So, with warmer temperatures and longer days comes the anticipation of a lush green lawn. It's only natural, right? There's usually plenty of rain and mild temperatures - everything a lawn needs to bounce back. Well, almost. Our first application is designed to jumpstart your lawn. But the first application isn't all that is required to make your lawn picture-perfect. The first application is basically a blast of fertilizer to kick things off for the season and to provide our technicians with a starting point to evaluate your lawn moving forward. After last summer's heat and drought, you might discover your lawn has some thin spots. In that case we'd recommend aeration and overseeding. Many of our competitors add a pre-emergent herbicide to their first application, which in our opinion is both a waste and a hindrance. Why? Well, first of all it's a waste because pre-emergent herbicides require warmer temperatures to be effective, and early spring doesn't offer those warmer temps. Secondly, if you do want to apply some grass seed to repair thin spots, the pre-emergent herbicide would kill the seed before it has a chance to take root. That's why we hold off on the weed control until our second application. Overall, your lawn will take several weeks to bounce back from its winter nap. Once temperatures reach the upper sixties through the mid-seventies, your lawn will start to take off. During this stage of rapid growth it's important to mow often. We'll be updating this blog with more details as the growing season progresses, so be sure to come back from week to week! And, as always, if you have any questions don't hesitate to post them here.