When is the Best Time to Start a Fertilizer Program in the Spring?

When to Fertilize in the Spring

Spring is in the air. It is a time of renewal and that goes for lawns as well. Timely fertilization treatments in the spring will start your lawn off right and give your lawn the jumpstart it needs.

Paving the way for a healthy growing season. But when is the best time to start your lawn fertilization program? Well, that depends on a few different factors; the type of grass, type of fertilizer, and location.


What Type of Grass is Most Common in Indianapolis?

In Central Indiana, most lawns have cool-season turfgrass. Cool-season grasses are most common in the Midwest. Spring’s cooler temperature and rain make spring the most active growing time for cool-season grasses.

Because grass requires the most nutrients during its most active growing period, fertilizing in the early spring is extremely important.


What Type of Lawn Fertilizer Should be Used in the Spring?

Slow-release fertilizers are very beneficial in the spring. Because of spring temperature fluctuation, the top layer of your lawn can look like it’s waking up.

However, the ground isn’t fully thawed quite yet. Slow-release fertilizer lasts longer on the lawn, allowing it to be very effective bring feeding your lawn properly.


Impact of Weather on Lawn Fertilizers

In the Indianapolis-area, slow-release fertilizers can be applied as early as mid-February. However, when it comes to lawn care you must take weather conditions into account.

It’s not uncommon for the city of Indianapolis to have temperatures in the 50’s in mid-February then have a snowstorm in April. Therefore, using the right fertilizer in the spring is so important.

With a slow-release fertilizer, if you fertilize your lawn then have a freak snowstorm the fertilizer isn’t wasted because it stays in the lawn until the snow melts and activates the fertilizer.


Why You Need to Fertilize in the Spring

Like a hungry bear waking up for a long winter’s nap, your lawn has depleted its reserves of nutrients. Your lawn can take a beating from the harsh effects of winter.

Replenishing this reserve aids in the recovery of winter kill and snow mold. Your lawn also loses its color.

An early spring fertilizer will help your lawn green up and wake up from its winter dormancy much quicker. This can help your lawn be more weed resistant.

Because weeds can only grow where there is room, it’s best to help your lawn to wake up fully before the weeds start popping up. Giving them less opportunity to take over your lawn.


Other Benefits of Spring Fertilization

Early spring is also the time to apply pre-emergent herbicides. Pre-emergent herbicides are one of the best defenses against grassy weeds like crabgrass. However, for it to be effective it must be applied before crabgrass starts rearing its ugly head.

Lawn Pride’s 7-Application Program includes 2 free pre-emergent applications in the spring. These pre-emergent applications have proven to be extremely effective against crabgrass and other unwanted grassy weeds. Contact a Lawn Pride representative today to get your lawn started off on the right foot this lawn season.

Our experts know what lawns in Central Indiana need and will work with you to develop a lawn care plan that fits your needs and budget.

Be sure to read more about what to do to your lawn in the spring, visit our spring lawn care tips for Indianapolis yards page.