Seasonal Lawn Care Musts: Your Winter Checklist

Now that cold weather has moved back in across the Midwest, you can take a well-deserved break from yard work, right? Wrong! Put down the hot cocoa, put on some gloves, and get outside to tackle these four winter lawn care essentials!  Winter Lawncare Checklist

Winter Lawn Care Task #1: Crabgrass Control

Oh, crabgrass. We love to hate this stuff, because controlling it truly is a year-round job. By now you’ve hopefully aerated or reseeded your lawn, but there are other, more sinister seeds hiding just under the soil’s surface. Crabgrass shouldn’t spoil your holiday cheer, but it’s definitely something to keep on your radar once the new year arrives. Before the spring thaw, you’ll want to apply two pre-emergent herbicides to limit the risk of breakthrough of grassy weeds. For the typical climate in Indiana, Lawn Pride suggests doing so between February and the first part of April. Remember to keep a close watch on the weather forecast though, because pre-emergent is powerful stuff. Crabgrass begins to grow when ground temperatures reach 60 degrees and that temperature is consistent for 3-5 days and the ¼ level.

Winter Lawn Care Task #2: Leaf Removal & Tree Trimming

Not all lawn care requires you to look down. Don’t forget the tree branches overhead and the leaves that cover the ground! We’re especially talking about limbs that hang over your home, near power lines, and above your driveway and sidewalk. Ice and snow get heavy fast, and it doesn’t take much to bring a limb down - especially if the tree is old or unhealthy. Secondly, it’s important to understand that leaf removal is also something to keep in mind. If too many leaves are matted on the ground in the spring, it can easily kill your turf. Make sure to watch the accumulation of leaves in your yard as the winter snow begins to melt.

Winter Lawn Care Task #3: Plan Ahead

Cabin fever affects everyone, and that is especially true for most of us here in the Midwest used to long, cold winters. One way to combat Old Man Winter indoors is to start planning now for spring. Do you have visible bare areas you want to seed? Do you need a new mower or trimmer? Do you have any damage from winter salt creeping into your lawn? Want to repeat last year’s bounty in your vegetable garden? Want to plant something new? Thinking about landscaping ideas, or a privacy fence, playground, or firepit? Wherever your imagination takes you, start researching ideas now! Find free plans and read reviews online. Browse outdoor designers, builders, and other local experts, and start booking appointments to beat the springtime rush. Because this is the off-season for a lot of lawn service professionals, you might even be able to lock in a better price than you’d pay just a few months from now!

Winter Lawn Care Task #4: Trust the Pros

When it comes to comprehensive lawn care, you can’t always tackle it all alone. If you call Indianapolis or the surrounding areas home, give Lawn Pride a call. Our dedicated team of lawn pros is here to assist you in spring and summer, fall and winter. We can help you achieve the lawn of your dreams, and make sure it keeps growing back year after year!