5 Ways to Protect Your Lawn This Winter

With winter weather already nipping at our noses here in Central Indiana, it’s time to get your lawn ready for the chilly months ahead. What’s left to do? Lawn Pride highly recommends checking off these five important chores from your lawn care to-do list. Winter Lawn Protection

#1: Perform One Final Maintenance Routine

This includes raking, mowing, aerating, and fertilizing. You don’t want to leave behind a heavy blanket of leaves going into winter, as they can damage grass during its dormant months. Rake up and remove heavier vegetation, or mow and mulch your lawn. An aeration treatment helps loosen compacted soil and brings much-needed sunlight, oxygen, and water down to tender grass roots. Likewise, a final autumn fertilizer treatment will help provide your grass with the nutrients and energy it needs to bounce back come springtime.

#2: Take Care of Perennial Weeds

No matter how much you fight them, you never truly win the war on weeds. Just like your grass, weeds are trying to build up energy reserves this time of year to help sustain them through winter. Using a topical herbicide is an easy way to get rid of pest plants above the surface of the soil, as well as their stubborn roots beneath the ground. So, take one final walk around your lawn and garden and contact us to treat any remaining evidence of weeds.

#3: Tackle Any Problematic Trees

Before the first snow falls, be sure to fully inspect all trees on your property. Look for signs of disease and/or damage. Trim back limbs and branches that may pose a hazard to roofs and gutters, power lines, and parked cars, should they get weighed down by snow or ice and snap off. Lastly, fertilize your trees and shrubs to ensure they have the necessary nutrients to stay strong throughout the winter.

#4: Properly Store Your Lawn Equipment

Don’t forget about the tools you rely on to care for your lawn! For power equipment including mowers, string trimmers, and edgers, be sure to drain and properly dispose of fuel and oil. Disconnect spark plugs or batteries, if your tools are rechargeable. Scrape off any caked on grass, mud, and other debris and give everything a good cleaning. Change air filters, spark plugs, and other replaceable components as necessary.

#5: Team Up With Your Local Lawn Pros

For all of your lawn care needs, every season of the year, let Lawn Pride take control. From aeration services to weed and pest control, we are your one-stop, all-season shop for lawn services in Central Indiana.Whatever you do, make sure your lawn is ready to head into winter now, so it looks its best and leaves you with much less to do once spring 2019 arrives. Sign up for your 2019 program!