5 Tips for Planning an Awesome Back to School Party

Going back to school after summer vacation can bring a lot of different emotions for kids and parents alike. Between new classes, after-school activities, sports, homework, and making friends, going back to school brings a lot of excitement, but it also brings stress. So why not get your kids excited by throwing them an awesome back to school party? This will get them excited for school and also help them forget some of the things that might be stressing them out. Here are 5 tips for throwing an awesome back to school party that your kids will love as much as they love summer vacation

1. Snacks

Everyone knows that the food can either make or break a party. This is a kids party, so you don't have to worry about going too gourmet or fancy with the food recipes. Stick to family favorites like barbecue, pizza, chips and dip, popcorn, and some veggie sticks. Don't forget about dessert either! Cupcakes, cookies, and fruit are crowd-pleasers that your kids will love.

2. Plan Activities

There are so many options for activities like party games, playing with toys, and swimming/water games. Those are all excellent ideas, but seeing as this is a back to school party, you could plan some back to school themed activities. You could have everyone share their favorite memory from the summer, or what they are most excited about for the upcoming school year. You could invite all of the members of your child's class and have a get-to-know each other activity. Or you could even plan to go somewhere, like watch a school sporting event. As long as you put some thought into party activities, your kids will have a blast.

3. Invite Kids of All Ages

This idea ties into planning activities for your back to school party. If you invite kids of all ages, you could set up a question and answer session where younger kids could ask older kids questions about the grade they're going into. This could lower the stress your child is feeling about going into the next grade, but also provide an opportunity for making friends in different grades. This is also a good tip if you have children of different ages: this way, each of them will have someone their age to talk to.

4. Collaborate With Other Parents

Planning a party, even a fun one like a back to school party, can become overwhelming and stressful. Kids can actually sense when their parents are stressed, and it can impact them negatively. So remember: you don't have to plan a huge party with snacks and activities all by yourself. Delegating responsibilities amongst yourself and other parents will keep your stress levels down and help you plan a better party. You should work with other parents so each of you can be responsible for certain things instead of one person being responsible for everything.

5. Back to School Party Themed Goody Bags

Nothing says "kid's party" like a goody bag: a little baggie filled with little trinkets and treats that is given out at the end of a party. You'll have the opportunity to make these school themed with cool pencils, stickers, and erasers, while also throwing in some pieces of candy for a small treat. Back to school parties can end up being the highlight of returning to school. By following these tips, you could throw a party your kids will love that will help them de-stress.