5 Campfire Snacks to Try Instead of S’mores

Are you headed on a camping trip or planning your next backyard bonfire? It’s time to step up your s’mores game. Who doesn't love a gooey, fluffy marshmallow sandwiched between melty chocolate and a graham cracker? But, after years of enjoying this campfire snack, you may wish to go beyond the original. Here's where we step in. We love this classic as much as the next person, but there's no harm in switching things up. If you're looking to upgrade, try these 5 alternative campfire snacks that will leave you craving 'some more'.

1. Marshmallow Dip

On a S'more, sometimes your Hershey bar won't melt all the way (or at all). Then, you're stuck with a hard block of chocolate. Our solution to that is the Marshmallow Dip. You begin by roasting your marshmallow as you usually would. Toast it to your own liking. Then, dip it into a bowl of melted chocolate dipping sauce. You can use your roasting stick or other kitchen silverware to save the mess. If you want to get a little fancy, try coating your chocolate dipped marshmallow in toppings. We recommend using nuts, sprinkles, or other sauces.

2. Trashy Crescent

Despite its name, the Trashy Crescent is a delightful treat that both kids and adults love. For this concoction, you'll need a can of crescent dough and chocolate pudding. Take the dough and wrap it around your roasting stick in a shape that mimics an ice cream cone. You'll cook your dough over the fire until it turns golden. Then, use a spoon to fill in the chocolate pudding and you're done! If you want a less sweet taste, you can sub dark chocolate sauce for pudding.

3. Campfire Ice Cream

Of all the campfire snacks, this one gives each person the most options. That's because it's essentially a build your own S'mores bar. Also, it saves the mess, so it's a win-win! Bring some sugar ice cream cones and use a roasted marshmallow as the base. Then, layer in toppings as you would with an ice cream cone. We would bring chocolate chips, butterscotch, toffee, almonds, pecans, walnuts, coconut, and banana chips. If you have a mean sweet tooth, you could incorporate actual ice cream as well.  

4. Lemon Meringue S'mores

For those who aren't huge chocolate fans or prefer a tart dessert, this one is for you. The Lemon Meringue S'more is similar to a regular S'more but with alternative fillers.  Instead of a Hershey bar, sub in a lemon curd for a more sharp taste. You can make your own lemon curds (recipe here) or find something at your grocery store.  Since the lemon curd is already liquidy, you won't have to melt it. Just lather it on before topping with a marshmallow, and voila!

5. Chocolate Lovers S'mores

The opposing option to the Lemon Meringue is its distant relative, Chocolate Lovers. If you could use just a little more sweetness, you'll love the Chocolate Lovers S'more. Instead of regular, white marshmallows, find the chocolate ones. Then, also, sub in chocolate graham crackers. Like a traditional s'more, you'd roast your chocolate marshmallow and then melt over the Hershey bar. Also, you could add an extra layer of chocolate sauce to really send this tasty treat over the moon.

Backyard Bonfires, Campfire Snacks, and Great Company...

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