Early Bird Lawn Care: Why You Should Start Now

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For those of us who believe spring can’t arrive soon enough, you’re in luck. The beginning of February marks Old Man Winter’s halfway point. If you’re also a big fan of your yard, there is plenty you can do in February to get your lawn ready for warmer weather. Here are just a few tips from your Indy lawn care pros.

Early Lawn Care

Grass Preps

Do you have a soil thermometer? If not, you should get one. Keep track of warm-ups throughout February. If the ground reaches 55 degrees for several days in a row, go ahead and call us to apply pre-emergent for crabgrass control. Your lawn’s good grass will thank you come springtime. Also, if you begin to see weed growth this time of year, it’s not too early to apply Lawn Pride’s herbicide that is specially formulated to tackle those nuisance plants. Talk to us for tips on which post-emergent products you should use on your lawn.

Bushes & Shrubs

The thermostat has definitely seen its ups and downs this winter. 45 degrees one day and negative degrees the next! You never know what to expect with Central Indiana weather. Despite the temperature drops and spikes, continue making sure the bushes, shrubs, and small trees around your home are protected from cold weather. Likewise, if any of these plants have been damaged by winter storms, now is the time to prune affected stems and branches.

Flowers & Gardens

Seeing new buds on your roses? Give them a gentle pruning now! Unless, of course, you have winterized your rose bushes. If that’s the case, make sure to leave them protected until there is no more risk of a frost. This same rule applies for container plants and other sensitive flowers you’ve brought inside for winter. If you are growing hardy winter veggies at home, continue with fertilizer and other cold-weather garden maintenance as necessary. Similarly, if you have a small greenhouse or cold frame, ensure proper ventilation on unseasonably warm days. February is also a good time to consider pruning your fruit trees to prep them for spring growth.


Now is a great time to get in your garage and inventory all your tools. Sharpen lawn mower blades, replace string trimmer strings, lubricate moving parts, clean and treat items for rust, etc. Consider replacing tools that are too far gone for maintenance or DIY repair. There are plenty of sales this time of year at your local home improvement stores. February is also a great time to order replacement parts and get a jump on the spring rush. Proper lawn care is definitely a year-round job for homeowners, and it’s crucial to be ready before the spring is here! If you could use an expert hand in Central Indiana, count on the experts at Lawn Pride. From fertilization to pest control and everything in between, we can continue to help improve the health and appearance of your yard through every season. Contact us today for all of your lawn care questions and needs![/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]