Fall Lawn Prep: Get Your Lawn Ready For Fall

During the summer, your lawn is subject to the exhausting hot and dry weather. But with fall quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about doing some touch-ups. With lower temperatures and rainy days,  it's that time of year for fall lawn prep! Grass will begin to grow faster this time of year due to the stress relieved from the heat and humidity. Now, it’s crucial to prep your lawn for fall to accumulate enough energy, nutrients, and moisture to stay strong throughout the winter. Give your lawn attention now to have a beautiful, healthy lawn next spring.

Fall Lawn Prep Basics

Rake the Moss and Leaves

The first step to preparing your lawn for fall is to clean up the top surface. Rake any fallen leaves, moss and any pieces of trash. This way, you'll have a clean surface to work with and you'll remove anything that isn't useful for your lawn. Also, be sure to rake the leaves as they fall. If you wait for the cold to come, leaves can stick together and form a layer over the grass. If they get in touch with water, they'll stick together and form a layer over the grass. This can prevent sunlight and air reaching the grass, thus suffocating it.

Clear Up Weeds

Weeds start to accumulate nutrients and energy during the fall. So if you don't remove them now, they will interfere with the grass and deprive it of the energy it needs during the winter. Applying quality herbicide will help kill off any weeds and you'll have a clean lawn next spring.

Aerate the Soil

During your fall lawn prep, you should aerate the soil so enough oxygen, fertilizer, and water can reach the grass rhizomes. You can do this by using a lawn aerator that will punch holes into the lawn to create openings for air. We highly recommend not turning to DIY aeration. Call the experts to help you get this done!

Add Fertilizer

For a final fall lawn prep, add quality fertilizer to the soil to keep the grass roots nourished. The fertilizer will help the roots and rhizomes maintain their strength throughout the winter, so they'll be fresh and ready for spring. While it’s recommended to fertilize all year around, the fall temperatures create ideal conditions for rapid turf growth. Your quickly growing grass will need its nutrients, making this a good time to fertilize the soil.

Bottom Line

Fall lawn prep is important for keeping your lawn healthy during cold and gloomy days. But if you follow our instructions, you'll be sure to have a lush green lawn next season. To learn more tips and tricks on keeping your lawn in excellent condition year-round, contact our experts for a free estimate.