Happy National Lawn Care Month From Lawn Pride

April means the start of the spring season and there’s no better time to celebrate National Lawn Care Month! To kick off our favorite time of the year, we’d like to share some stats and tips to improve your yard and curb appeal.

How Much Do You Know About Your Lawn?

How many American adults do their own lawn maintenance? How many hire a professional lawn care company? How many believe their lawn could use some improvement?

According to the National Association of Landscape Professionals, the answers are:

  • 81% do some of their own lawn maintenance (but, if you give us a call, you won’t have to do it yourself).
  • 44% hire a pro (like Lawn Pride)!
  • 69% believe their yards aren’t at their best. (Don’t worry, we can help!)

As a Central Indiana homeowner, where do you fall into these categories?

Start Your Spring Lawn Care Now

On the first warm day of the year, most of us are eager to get out there and start working on our lawns. The truth is, that’s probably not the best idea and it’s crucial to start spring lawn care NOW. March is a great time to get started on your lawn because your turf has come out of winter hibernation and new blades are beginning to mature. Here’s how to get started:

1. Once your yard is mostly green, run a rake through the grass. This will help lift up the blades just like a brush through your hair. Raking also helps remove wet, dead debris left over from winter, which can promote mold growth and other grass problems.

2. As for mowing, there is no hard and fast time for the first mow. Instead of looking at the calendar, look at your grass itself, and follow the rule of mowing tall and often. When the blades reach two or more inches, that’s when you should give your lawn its first mow of the season. Be sure your mower has been tuned up and sharpened, and be sure to adjust the height and follow the One-Third Rule.

3. It’s been a long winter in Indiana and it’s important that your lawn gets the nutrients it needs to grow strong through the entire year. Fertilizer will do the trick! With our 7-Application Program, we can apply timely applications combined with pre-emergent, weed control, and insect control to keep your lawn green, healthy, and beautiful.

4. Lastly, spring is the best time to get an early seasonal jump on weeds and crabgrass. Use pre-emergent now to effectively attack and prevent crabgrass as it begins to germinate in the warmer months.

During National Lawn Care Month, and throughout the entire year, Lawn Pride is here to provide the turf tips you need to keep your lawn lush and green. Contact us today to sign up for this season’s 7-Application Program. Remember, if you sign up by May 6, you could get $50 off!

National Lawn Care MonthHelp us spread the word during the month of April about the benefits have having a healthy lawn! Click here for more information about National Lawn Care Month and the National Association of Lawn Care Professionals.