New Year, New Lawn

Happy new year, lawn lovers! Have you made any resolutions yet for this year? It’s not too late! Lawn Pride has an easy one for you: Resolve to improve your yard care all year long. 

New Year’s Lawn Resolution #1: Mow it the Right Way

Just like a bad haircut, a poorly cut lawn looks terrible. It can also weaken or even kill your grass! On average, you’ll mow your yard a few dozen times each year. Think about how much stress that puts on the lawn. Before you pull it out of the garage or shed for the first time in 2019, make sure your mower’s blades are properly sharpened. While adjusting your mower height, remember the one-third rule: you only want to remove the top third of a grass blade. So, if your lawn is three inches tall, cut off the top inch … no buzz cuts here. Also, stop following in last week’s footsteps. Instead, switch up your mowing pattern each week.

New Year’s Lawn Resolution #2: Seed, Feed, AND Weed

Mowing keeps your lawn healthy and attractive, but it’s not the only thing you should do. Depending on the time of year, you should actively be caring for your entire yard. In the fall, remember to Seed and reseed thin or yellow patches of grass. Feed with specially formulated seasonal fertilizers, and fight pesky grassy weeds with timely pre-emergents before they make their annual annoying appearances.

New Year’s Lawn Resolution #3: Remember to Water...

...but not too much. This one can be tricky and is very dependent on conditions out of your control, like the weather. When in doubt, less water is better. However, we recommend ensuring your whole lawn gets at least an inch of water per week throughout the season, from early spring to mid-fall. Remember to be very conscious of watering more frequently during the hot summer months. (If it’s peak summer temperature, we recommend watering 2x a week, 30-45 minutes to each area. How can you tell your yard has received the proper amount of hydration? Use a tuna can. Remove the lid and clean an old can. Place it in the path of an irrigation system, sprinkler, hose, or rain cloud. When the can fills to the top, you’ve hit your mark.

New Year’s Lawn Resolution #4: Keep Pests Away

Speaking of water, you don’t want to leave it standing anywhere around your yard. Old tires, piles of firewood, unused kids toys, even stagnant bird baths can become breeding grounds for pests. Professional treatments have been proven to work, but you can improve your odds by getting rid of welcoming conditions and keeping a steady supply of bug spray around the house.

New Year’s Lawn Resolution #5: Aerate, Aerate, Aerate!

Aeration is the single best thing you can do for your lawn. Over time, soil gets compacted, which blocks oxygen, water, and nutrients from reaching your grassroots. Aeration machines work like lawn mowers, making passes up and down the yard while strategically removing thin plugs of soil along the way, which allow light, air, moisture, and fertilizer to reach down and rejuvenate your entire lawn. With a bit of hard work and some help from your pals at Lawn Pride, let’s resolve to make this year the year of your best yard yet. Happy new year!