Tips for Planning Your Spring Garden

If you’re like us, you can’t wait for spring to arrive. We love this time of year — grass grows green, leaves return to trees, and our lawns become filled with colorful flowers.

You don’t have to wait for spring to start planning your flower gardens. We’re here to share some helpful tips for planting flowers in the spring.

Outdoor Maintenance

Unless you want a flower bed full of weeds, a good garden takes a bit of planning. Right now, think about what you want to grow this spring. Start shopping for seeds if you’d like to try something new. When the snow melts and the soil dries a bit, clean out your garden beds, removing dead plants and other debris. For perennials already in the ground, go ahead and apply a high-quality organic mulch (are you composting yet?) now. While you’re outside, you’ll also want to do a bit of pruning on existing shrubs and trees. And don’t forget to inspect raised beds, window boxes, patio furniture, fences, and garden tools for damage. Clean, repair, and/or replace those things now to get a jump on spring - and not to mention the long lines that come with it at your local home improvement and garden centers.

Indoor Jumpstart

You can start spring a bit early by forcing flower bulbs indoors. This is a simple trick you can perform in water or with potting soil. Tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils are just a few of the many flowers whose bulbs you can get going inside while winter lingers. When they’re done blooming, many forced bulbs can be replanted in your garden. Ask your garden shop for special “bulb boosting” fertilizers to help make sure your new flowers thrive as they take root outside.

Planting “Early Risers”

Here in Indiana and across the Midwest, winter always seems to overstay its welcome. We’re eager for spring to be here. Thankfully, there are several flower varieties that like to bloom early in the growing season and that’s great for all you impatient gardeners. From bright whites to vibrant pinks and soft blues, look for what are commonly known as “minor bulbs” and buy a bunch at a time to plant across your lawn’s flower beds.

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