Lawn Fertilization Services For Indianapolis And Central Indiana

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Lawn Fertilizer Can Help You Get The Lawn You've Always Wanted

Your lawn is a living organism and like all living things, it needs food, water, and air to thrive. Fertilizer is food for your lawn and is the key component in maintaining the density, vitality, and coloring of your lawn. Fertilizing also promotes development and recovery from damage and stress from seasonal weather.

Feed Your Lawn The Best Nutrients With Our Lawn

Lawn Pride knows what lawns in Central Indiana need. Our experience and expertise with Central Indiana seasons, weather, and conditions enable us to determine the best formula and timing for each application. Let Lawn Pride take the stress out of your lawn fertilization program.

Lawn Pride only uses the best slow-release fertilizer to enhance your lawn. Our fertilizer slowly releases much-needed nutrients to your lawn’s root system without causing rapid top growth like liquid fertilizers do. Our applications are specially formulated specifically for Central Indiana Lawns. Fertilizing your lawn is important in maintaining your lawns overall health. Applying the right fertilizer at the correct time helps turf accumulate and store the essential nutrients it needs for proper growth and development. Let the experts at Lawn Pride save you time and ease the stress of a timely lawn fertilization program by leaving it to the Pros. We are here for you, so you can get back to enjoying your lawn. Learn more about our 7-Application Lawn Care Program.



For more information about the importance of lawn fertilization, check out our Quick Guide on Lawn Fertilization.

Help your lawn breathe easier with an annual Fall Aeration. Over time, your lawn can become compacted. A Core Aeration will break up the thatch layer that builds-up, preventing nutrients from reaching the root system for proper absorption. Proper fertilization paired with other vital services and treatments will keep your lawn green and healthy through every season.