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Turf Tips

No one knows Central Indiana lawns better!

Let's face it; Central Indiana weather can be crazy! At Lawn Pride, we specialize in caring for and maintaining lawns in Central Indiana. That's why we believe in sharing our expertise with you. We know a healthy lawn boosts curb appeal for the whole block. It helps beautify not only the place you call home, but also the homes of your neighbors, friends, and fellow citizens. It promotes happiness and helps lessen stress. Whether you're thinking of selling your home or plan to stay put forever, your property simply looks better and gives you a sense of pride when it's healthy and well maintained. We are here to help; neighbor to neighbor, so you can get the most out of your lawn.

Lawn Maintenance Tips


Turf Tips: Watering

Your lawn needs water to thrive and survive. However, too little or even too much water can cause harm to your grass. How do you find the right balance?

Check out our guide for Central Indiana watering tips.


Turf Tips: Mowing

It's important to take the time to consider the best approach to mowing your grass. Efficiency should balance with your safety, as well as the health and appearance of your lawn.

See our Mowing Recommendations page to learn more.


Turf Tips: Fertilizing

Indiana weather can be crazy. Sometimes it seems like we can go through multiple seasons in the span of just a week. This is not only stressful on us, but it can be stressful on plants as well.

Learn more about how proper lawn fertilization can help your lawn through seasonal stresses.


Turf Tips: Printable Guide

We have an essential tool to assist you in your lawn care efforts. While we work our magic with our exclusive applications, our Central Indiana Turf Tips Guide will be your go-to guide for seasonal lawn maintenance.

Print This Out!

Hang this Printable Turf Tips Guide on your refrigerator! You don’t want to miss these important turf tips for keeping your lawn healthy and green.

Seasonal Tips


Turf Tips: Spring

Each season brings its own set of weather conditions that can affect your lawn. Some are good while others, not so much.

Learn more about Springtime Lawn Maintenance, conditions to watch for, and answers to commonly asked questions.


Turf Tips: Summer

Central Indiana's increased temperatures and changing weather can affect your lawn. Meaning you need to change the way you maintain your lawn as well. Don't worry, our experts are here to help!

With summertime lawn maintenance tips, conditions to watch for, and answers to commonly asked questions; our Summer Lawn Care Tips for Central Indianahas everything you need to know to help your lawn look its best this summer.


Turf Tips: Fall

From leaves to cooler temperatures, the fall season brings its own set of weather conditions that can affect your lawn.

Check out our Guide to Fall Lawn Care Maintenance to learn important fall lawn maintenance tips, conditions to watch for, and answers to commonly asked questions.


Turf Tips: Winter

When Central Indiana weather gets colder, grass blades become very brittle and more susceptible to damage. It is important to take steps to prepare and protect your lawn from our cold Indiana weather.

Our Winter Lawn Care Tips will show you how to prep your lawn for winter and how to protect your lawn from the different things winter weather can bring.

Educational Tips


Turf Tips: Common Indiana Weeds

Timing is crucial when it comes to weed control. Applying herbicides too early when temperatures are not warm enough is a waste of time and will not effectively treat weeds.

Check out our Central Indiana Common Weed Guide to learn more about common weeds found in Indiana and how to control them.


Turf Tips: Common Turf Diseases in Indiana

Central Indiana weather can seem unpredictable, these weather patterns are a driving force for Indiana's most common turf diseases.

Thankfully, there are many things Indiana residents can do to prevent and control common Indiana turf diseases.



Turf Tips: Grubs

Grubs are the larvae of various beetles. These "C" shaped insects can cause costly and unsightly damage to your lawn.

Lawn Pride is here to help you understand grubs, identify grub damage, and learn why it is important to protect your lawn from these destructive creatures.


Turf Tips: Pet Safety & Damage

We all love our furry friends, and they are an important part of your family. However, their urine can be damaging to your lawn.

Learn how to prevent and repair pet urine damage in your lawn.