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Brownsburg, a suburb of Indianapolis, was named one of the “Best Places to Live” twice by Money Magazine and Lawn Pride is proud to service this wonderful community! We know that there are many other things you’d rather do than researching and shopping for the right lawn care products. We are here for you, so you can get back to the things you enjoy. So have some family time at the park,  visit Lucas Oil Raceway, or explore the ever-growing list of things to do in Brownsburg and leave the lawn work to us!

Lawn Care Services Available in the Brownsburg, IN Area

Our Lawn fertilization services are specifically formulated for the Avon Indiana area. Our seasonal program will enrich your lawn with the proper amounts of nutrients. In addition to fertilization, our seasonal program includes:

  • Pre-emergent – This application creates a protective barrier to keep grassy weeds like crabgrass and foxtail at bay. Our pre-emergent is applied in spring.
  • Weed Control – Broadleaf weed control is applied throughout the year and are tailor to correspond to the weather, needs, and overall conditions of the Avon area.
  • Insect Control – Insect control keeps damaging insects from harming your lawn. We include this at least twice a year.

Aeration breaks up soil compaction, improves drainage, and gives much-needed oxygen and water to the roots of your grass, and is one of the single most valuable things that you can do for your lawn.  This produces a thicker, healthier lawn. We’re here to provide easy and efficient annual aeration residents in the Avon area so that your lawn gets the care it needs.

Because aeration breaks up soil compaction, it allows more air, nutrients, and water will have access to the roots; this also creates ideal conditions for seeding.  Making it easier to fill in bare spots, improve turf density, and enhance a lawn’s color.

Grubs feed on the root system of your lawn causing unsightly damage. Grubs are the larvae of beetles. Lawn Pride’s Preventative Grub Control Program is a seasonal preventive application that is designed to prevent grubs from harming your lawn.

Our Preventative Grub Program includes watering instructions that are specifically designed to team up with our grub control and comes with a one-of-a-kind guarantee. If your lawn gets grub damage after taking our Preventative Grub Program, we will not only retreat your lawn, but we will also repair it back to its prior condition.

Lawn Pride has the solution to help protect your home and family from harmful insects, bugs, and critters.

  • Perimeter Pest – To keep pests outside where they belong, we spray the perimeter of your home creating a barrier of protection.
  • Mole – We can rid your lawn of mole with our proven mole control treatment.
  • Vole – Our vole treatment stops voles from wreaking havoc in your yard.

Protect your trees and shrubs from weather, insects, and disease. Let us help improve the health of trees and shrubs to keep them looking their best.

  • Spring Dormant Oil – Protects against damaging winter insects on the surface and bark of trees and shrubs.
  • Spring Fertilization – Provides nutrients with an injection of fertilizer 6 inches into the plant’s dripline.
  • Insect & Disease Control – Protecting against insect damage and helps protect against a variety of diseases. Lawn Pride offers 3 insect and disease control applications per year.
  • Fall Fertilization – This is an injection of fertilizer 6 inches into the plant’s dripline.
  • Fall Dormant Oil – Helps protect your trees and shrubs against winter insects.

Why Choose Lawn Pride?

Locally owned Reliable and Trustworthy Professional and Experienced

No One Knows Brownsburg Lawn Care Better Than Lawn Pride

Since 1983, Lawn Pride has been providing the best-formulated lawn care program for Brownsburg, Indiana. Our extensive knowledge of grasses, soil, insects, and weeds in your yard is how we are able to make your lawn healthy and beautiful.

Unlike other national lawn care companies. Lawn Pride exclusively services Central Indiana lawns. Because we only service the Central Indiana area, we are able to tailor our applications easily for the specific need of lawns in this region. You can rely on our regional know-how to get the job done right!

At Lawn Pride, we don’t just work hard for your lawn; we work hard for you. Our strong commitment to customer service means that your concerns, questions, and needs are greeted with respect and appreciation.

See What Our Customers Have To Say
  • Lawn Pride has taken the responsibility off my hands and they’ve done a fantastic job. My lawn looks great, my technician is knowledgeable and friendly. Love that fact I can relax and know my lawn is in good hands with a great company.

    Mandy V. (Brownsburg)
  • Lawn Pride has given us the best lawn in the neighborhood. We have used other services but ended going back to Lawn Pride every time. The people are very professional and courteous. They have been very willing to listen and answer any questions I have. Thank you Lawn Pride for the Great Work.

    Mark G. (Brownsburg)
  • Lawn Pride is a great company with stellar service. our lawn is still green in December. The staff is professional and knowledgeable. They did some minor damage on my fence that I didn't even notice and they came out and fixed it within a week. Most companies would not report it but Lawn Pride did. I thought that was admirable of them. Highly recommend this company for all your lawn care needs.

    Helen G. (Brownsburg)
  • Love the way this company runs their business. Great people, friendly and they get the job done! I just started using their services, but by the way the staff are I know I will be enjoying their service for a long time.

    Mary H. (Brownsburg)
  • After years of trying to make my lawn more healthy using commercial products and other lawn care companies, I ran across Lawn Pride and interviewed them. It did not take long for me to determine they were the best choice. Beinv very knowledgeable, reviewing my entire lawn front to back and then providing a reasonable program. I chose Lawn Pride for my lawn care services. Since spring of 2013, my lawn has never looked better. I will continue to use lawn pride because of their accurate and affordable lawn applications and courteous and knowledgeable sales staff.

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Common Questions From Your Neighbors

Is there anything I can do to prevent dandelions from growing on my lawn?

Although there is not any product you can apply safely to a lawn to stop broadleaf weeds from growing in your lawn, there are a few things you can do to help keep them out. Aerating and seeding in the fall will thicken up the lawn giving less room for weeds to grow and to help keep weeds out naturally. Maintaining a consistent weed control regimen will help to kill weeds as they start to germinate, keeping unsightly weeds out.

Why does my front yard look different than my back yard?

There are a couple of things that can contribute to this. One big factor is front lawns are treated very differently when homes are built. Contractor focus on curb-appeal. Back yards are not only where unwanted dirt is discarded but generally seeded with a low quality “contractor’s” seed mix. This has a huge effect on the soil quality and the type of grass you will have on your lawn. Short of replacing the topsoil in the lawn, you can aerate and seed the front and back lawn. This will choke out the unwanted grasses and introduce the good grasses you want and give your lawn a more uniform appearance.

Exposure is another big factor, as well. The amount of sun and shade can be very different in turf areas. Areas with lots of trees can block the amount of sun that the lawn is getting. Even the homes and outbuilding around the home will cast shade during different times of the day can affect the lawn’s growth and health.

I found grubs in my landscaping. Should I be worried about grubs killing my lawn?

Everyone has grubs. However, if you are seeing a lot of grubs it would be best to take precautions now. The problem comes when too many grubs conjugate in an area. Whenever you notice a large number of grubs in the spring or beetles in the summer; that is a good indicator that you may get grub damage in your lawn come fall. A grub preventive will help keep the number of grubs you have in your yard, and down to help keep them from killing large sections of grass.

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