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When it comes to their lawns, our customers are primarily concerned with two things, color and weeds. Weeds are obvious. You have them or you don’t. You have a lot or a few. It’s pretty clear. Color is a more difficult discussion, and we’ll save that for a separate post. First, lets tackle weeds...Continue Reading

Caption Contest! We have posted two lovely lawn-based pics that are desperately awaiting your creative touch. Simply provide your caption by responding to this wall post and you could win one of three cool prizes: a push mower, weed trimmer or leaf blower. Captions...Continue Reading

We make every effort to make our application visits as unobtrusive as possible; after all, it’s our goal to make your journey to the perfect lawn as painless as possible. However, there are some things that prevent us from delivering the efficient service we strive provide: These helpful reminders...Continue Reading
The weather is turning, and spring is just around the corner - eleven days from this post! So, with warmer temperatures and longer days comes the anticipation of a lush green lawn. It's only natural, right? There's usually plenty of rain and mild temperatures - everything a lawn needs to bounce...Continue Reading

Aeration - Mechanically removing small plugs of thatch and soil from the lawn breaks up soil compaction, allowing oxygen and water to get down to the root zone so grass can grow thicker and healthier. The lasting benefits of a Lawn Pride Aeration Treatment are:...Continue Reading