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The month of May kicks off BBQ season. Whether it be Race-Day, Memorial Day, Graduations, or Birthdays, we're here with some helpful party planning tips to make your backyard bash a hit.

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When it comes to lawn care, there are many misconceptions floating around. We're here to help put an end to common bad lawn care habits. Good cultural practices will lead to a...Continue Reading

Spring lures new life from plants to birds (and bees). So it only makes sense to want to plant new grass in your existing lawn, right? WRONG! It’s true,  April shower will bring May Flowers. However, it also brings obstacles that can hinder new...Continue Reading

We all look at lawn care and lawn maintenance differently. There are two main reasons people schedule a regular lawn program; pride and/or obligation. Since the early 20th Century, having a well-kept lawn was a marker of success. This holds true for many people today....Continue Reading

Every Spring, we say farewell to winter by deep-cleaning our homes, letting the stale air out, and welcoming in the fresh air. We do this not only to prepare for the upcoming warmer season but also to rid our homes of built-up clutter that accumulates throughout the...Continue Reading

The leaves are falling, the cider is flowing, and you’ve officially embraced "sweater season". With that crisp autumn chill in the air, you’ve also probably started to dread the freezing temps and harsh winter ahead. During the late fall season in Central Indiana, the weather and timing are just...Continue Reading
It’s crucial to nourish your turf in the late fall so that it can stand up against Old Man Winter. A special root development fertilizer is one of the last treatments your lawn needs to ensure protection during the winter months. After applying our Root Building Application, you’ll have a stronger...Continue Reading
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While you’re starting to think about the upcoming holidays and what to bring to your family get-togethers this time of year, your grass outside is also looking forward to its last big meal of the fall. We’re talking about fertilizer of course and doing so now can help ensure your lawn achieves...Continue Reading

The Labor Day holiday has come and gone and fall is quickly approaching.  This is one of the most important times of the year for...Continue Reading