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What are your resolutions for 2018? While we’re counting down the days to a new year, what goals do you have for the next 365 days? Do any of these goals include your lawn? With these tips from the lawn pros at Lawn Pride, we’ll help you...Continue Reading

One of the best things about living in Indiana is having four seasons to enjoy. Right now, we’re getting ready to say goodbye to fall and hello to winter. Even though we love this time of year, we know the bitter cold winter is ahead. ...Continue Reading
Have you carved out room in your fridge for that big turkey yet? Thanksgiving is almost here, and we can’t wait. Family, food, football … it doesn’t get any better than this! From the turkey, decor, or fun activities, there are...Continue Reading
With Thanksgiving near, we wanted to take a moment and express our gratitude. All of us here at Lawn Pride are passionate and proud of the work we do and the folks we serve. There’s no better time to extend our thanks for it all.

Our Principles...Continue Reading

Halloween is right around the corner! Is your home ready for tricks, treats, and a little bit of terror? Have no fear, Lawn Pride is here to help. We’ve been keeping our eyes on some of the scariest houses in the neighborhood. Lure in the bravest of trick-or-treaters...Continue Reading
When autumn arrives, trees defend the cold by sticking to their core. They embrace the season changing by getting rid of their leaves to reveal bare trunks and branches. These cooler temperatures damage leaves and cause them to drop by the thousands across your yard...Continue Reading

October is here, which means it’s time for one of our favorite moments of autumn… Halloween! Looking for fun, clever, and unique costume ideas for the kids? This year, skip the store’s cluttered holiday aisle and make your own! We’re here to share some our...Continue Reading

Overseeding is the process of planting grass seed directly over existing turf. This is an important part of lawn maintenance, and when performed regularly and properly, it can actually improve the health and appearance of your grass....Continue Reading
What’s the perfect way to show off your yard to your friends and family? By throwing a backyard tailgate party, of course. You don't, however, just want to throw any tailgate party. You...Continue Reading
During the summer, your lawn is subject to the exhausting hot and dry weather. But with fall quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about doing some touch-ups. With lower temperatures and...Continue Reading