Blog Posts in Fall

It feels like winter has arrived in Indianapolis. Temps have dropped into the 30's and the grass has stopped growing. Sure signs that winter is here. So what does this mean to you? Well, first of all it means you get a much-deserved break from lawn duty...but not until this weekend. Take this...Continue Reading
By this point during the later summer most homeowners have had enough "lawn time" for the year, but you shouldn't forget about your lawn entirely. We've had some great weather this summer and most lawns are in good shape, however, just because it looks great now doesn't mean you can coast into...Continue Reading
We’ve had our first snow in Indianapolis, and freezing temperatures are here. Now is the time to winterize your irrigation system and protect this substantial investment in your lawn....Continue Reading
We’ve talked about how important fall lawn care – including fertilization -- is to the health of your lawn.   Did you know your landscaping plants could benefit from late fall fertilizing as well?...Continue Reading
Did you know your lawn needs to breathe? Over the course of the year, your lawn may become compacted which can, in essence, smother your turf and inhibit its growth and health.   Aerating in the fall can be a vital step in correcting this problem. ...Continue Reading
It’s the time of year when the leaves are turning and you may begin to wonder when you should mow your lawn for the last time this year....Continue Reading
We usually don’t think about those yellow blooms until they erupt across the landscape in the spring.   But thinking ahead will help control dandelions and other broadleaf weeds before they get a chance to grow next season. ...Continue Reading