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Now that cold weather has moved back in across the Midwest, you can take a well-deserved break from yard work, right? Wrong! Put down the hot cocoa, put on some gloves, and get outside to tackle these four winter lawn care essentials! ...Continue Reading
It’s no secret - we love lawns. But the Lawn Pride family loves our furry family members, too. And when it comes to cold winters in Indiana, we have some handy tips to keep them safe and warm all winter long. Here are our top five…

Winter Pet Safety...Continue Reading

With winter weather already nipping at our noses here in Central Indiana, it’s time to get your lawn ready for the chilly months ahead. What’s left to do? Lawn Pride highly recommends checking off these five important chores...Continue Reading
As another year comes to an end, we’re happy to take the time to appreciate all that we have. We are aware of the many blessings in our lives and the thousands of reasons to be grateful. At Lawn Pride, we are proud of our dedicated employees, our effective programs and services, and our ability to...Continue Reading
Halloween is behind us and now it’s time for the best holiday festivities in Central Indiana. Whether you’re looking forward to cooking a tasty turkey, ringing in the new year, or all the other stuff in between, we’ve got you covered....Continue Reading
You bought it. You dragged it home. You spread it, watered it, and waited. And waited. And waited. So, why isn’t your grass seed growing? It’s a common question and complaint we hear at Lawn Pride. Let’s dig in and find out...Continue Reading
Tired of dealing with moles and voles burrowing all over your yard? They may be cute, but these little critters can do some serious damage to lawns. Read on to learn more about identifying moles and voles, how to eliminate...Continue Reading
When it comes to fertilizing, it’s not just good for your grass and garden. Fertilizers provide critical nutrients that help trees and shrubs grow, making them stronger and more resilient. Applying...Continue Reading
The falling leaves that come with autumn in Indiana can be frustrating for sure, but those leaves are packed with a lot of hidden benefits. So, before you reach for your rake, learn why Lawn Pride really digs fall leaves.

A Smorgasbord for Your Soil

Your local government may offer to pick...Continue Reading
Ever pass a field or a vacant lot that hasn’t been mowed in a long time, and the tall grasses look like they’ve sprouted on top? Those wheaty-looking tops are called inflorescences, and that’s where grass seed comes from! It may not look like much, but grass...Continue Reading